The Pulse: March 2013

By AFM – March 13, 2013

The largest pig on record weighed over 2,000 pounds—twice the amount of the world’s bench press record.
Curious about these cuties? See the article 'How Cute Is That?' to learn (and see!) more.

SXSW Workout

With the free flow of beer and cheap food surrounding the band explosion coming this month, you may have to get creative with your workouts at the festival.

See-the-Stage Calf Raise

While the view from the back of the crowd may be a bit of a bummer, consider the workout your lower limbs will be getting as you stretch to catch a glimpse of your favorite band.

Tricep-Building Phone Sway
Everyone who’s tried to record a concert is familiar with the burn of holding your handy smartphone camera above the next row. Push through and switch arms to give yourself a sneaky workout.

The I’m-Gonna-Make-It Jog
Steal a little cardio in between sets by giving yourself a little less time to get from stage to stage. Make sure not to spill your beer as you dash away, though.

Lift-Me-Higher Bodybuilding
For the larger body type, get a core workout and give one of your smaller friends a chance for a better view by lifting her up on your shoulders. Don’t worry; you probably won’t be the only pair stealing the idea.

You-Can’t-Touch-That Squat
Whether it’s a skanky bar bathroom or Port-o-let, you’ll thank your quads for this move. Number of squats is determined by the number of Beverage Bicep Curls incurred.

Playlist – To the Dogs
1. Who Let the Dogs Out — Baha Men
2. Walking The Dog — Fun.
3. Hound Dog — Elvis Presley
4. Dog Days Are Over — Florence and the Machine
5. Like My Dog — Billy Currington
6. Bad Dog — Neon Hitch
7. Alpha Dog — Fall Out Boy
8. Quiet Dog — Mos Def
9. Dog Problems — The Format
10. Love Dog — TV on the Radio

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify hereBookBit

Book Bit

From Traveling at the Speed of Life
by David Hale Sylvester

“Immediately, the uncomfortable silence that we were walking in became even more constricting. ‘First things first,’ I blurted. ‘We will not panic because panic equals death. Let’s do a check. Who has what? I am out of water, have a long-sleeved jersey, and a few Power Bars.’ My idea to quantify what each of us had may have been a good one but hearing me say, ‘…panic equals death,’ startled even me. I made it even worse when I asked the group if anyone had ever seen any helpful movies about people stranded someplace. No one said a word.”


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