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By AFM – March 13, 2013
Brian Fitzsimmons

Man’s best friend and all of his companions deserve to have the best. These cat and dog toys will take your pet’s play time to the next level.

1. Petco Brass Laser Pointer Cat Toy,, $5

There is a debate as to who is more entertained by this particular time passer.

2. Planet Petco Cat Cardboard Castle,, $30

Let your cat be king for a day, or for an hour. This regal scratching post serves as an awesome conversation piece.

3. Planet Petco Natural Catnip Spray Mist,, $4

Talk your sometimes-aloof cat into spending time with you by spraying this around your house. You're sure to see tabby more often.

4. Worldwise Petlinks System Cheese Chaser,, $16

Some customers have experienced battery problems with this toy, but for the most part, this cheap entertainment goes a long way for your pet.

5. Chuck It! Ball Launcher,, Around $10

For your high energy pet, this may make play time a little less of a workout and more of a hang out.

6. Fido Float Life Jacket,, $23

If man’s best friend is helping you train for your next triathlon, this life jacket will keep him extra safe while you swim.

7. Petco Puppy Love Mesh Waste Bags Dispencer,, $8

In contrast to some of the less durable products on the list, this mesh bag is rated as one of Petco’s best products.

8. Blue Camo Sport Bowmerang Tuffies Toy,, $12

Give your dog a workout he will actually enjoy by upgrading from a normal Frisbee.

9. Squirrels in a Log,, $11

An unusual addition to your dog’s collection, these squeaker-free rubber squirrels will be fun for your pup and not a bother for you.


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