KMB: A Workout in the Park

By Monica Brant – March 1, 2012

The day before my iGnite KMB workout was cold, rainy, and icky, leaving much to be desired for an outdoor workout. However, the next morning opened up to be sunny and warm as I arrived at the beautiful park in Rollingwood—a perfect day for an outdoor picnic OR WORKOUT!

As I walked up to the group of close to 15 ladies, I noticed how friendly everyone was (I never cease to be amazed at how friendly people in Texas can be!). I later learned the iGnite group has a real “family feeling” and this particular group of ladies supports each other in more ways than just working out.

To warm us up, Neissa (iGnite’s founder) led us through some fun movements on a yoga mat that ignited the upper and lower body. After 15 minutes or so, she sent us on a little run to a very nice, flat, grassy area where she continued to give us some plyometrics and sprinting tasks, modifying for those ladies who needed it.

We moved back to our original spot, where we went through a boot camp-style series of timed exercises. I was paired up with an amazing gal ten years my junior who was in TIP TOP shape; she just happened to be one of the other instructors. Apparently, the instructors attend workouts on the days they aren’t coaching to give extra support or just to get a great workout in, or maybe even a combination of both!

I enjoyed the workout and felt it was something any “body” (from beginner to more advanced) could do. These instructors have a serious passion for their clients and want to give them more benefit to their lives than just a great workout. If you ladies are looking for a workout group that cares about your entire wellness package, iGnite is for you! I’m looking forward to joining them in one of their future sessions.

As we finished up the workout and stretched, I learned that iGnite has respected the rules for fitness-related businesses and public parks usage and has permits to meet in both Austin and Rollingwood’s public, outdoor spaces; in other words, they are legal to use the parks!

iGnite Your Life
with Neissa Springmann

Warm up: Part 1
30 sec – Alternating lunge and reach
30 sec – Alternating side lunge with reach 30 sec – Alternating back lunge with torso twist
30 sec – Squat to alternating front kick

Part 2 – *place exercise band around ankles for outer thigh resistance*

30 sec – High Plank step out/in (place exercise band around both ankles)
2 x10 – Low Back Extension – Opposite arm/leg stretch 30 sec – Alternating High Plank to Forearm Plank (with exercise band around ankles) 1 x 20 – Superman Back Extensions (with exercise band around ankles)
30 sec – High Plank plyo hops (with band around ankles)
1 x 30 – Full Locust Pose w/outer thigh pulses (with exercise band around ankles)

Part 3
20 sec – Down Dog stretch
30 sec – Hip Drivers (Up dog/down dog combo)
Walk hands to feet- standing stretch
10 sec – Right Split Down Dog Stretch
1 x 10 – Right knee to right elbow high plank
1 x 5 – Regular Pushups
Walk hands to feet- standing stretch
10 sec – Left Split Down Dog Stretch
1 x 10- Left knee to left elbow high plank
1 x 5 – Wide Pushups Walk Hands to Feet- Standing stretch
1 x 5- Stagger Stance Pushup (rt hand high/left hand low)
1 x 5 – Stagger Stance Pushup (rt hand low/left hand high)
1 x 5 – Tricep Pushup

Cardio Core 2 Min – Jog/Power Walk
45 sec – Alternating Lunges
15 sec – Jog
30 sec – Sprint
30 sec – T-Plank
45 sec – Scissor Jumps
30 sec – Jog
30 sec – Squat Jump or Traveling Broad Jump 15 sec – Jog 45 sec – T-Plank 30 sec – Traveling Butt Kick
30 sec – Sprint
2 min – Jog/power walk

Cardio Core Circuit
1 min – Medicine Ball Sit up and Throw against wall 30 sec – Rest 1 min – Box Jumps

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