Why You Should Look For Sustainable Activewear Brands

With environmental concerns becoming an ever-present issue in society, sustainable practices have never been more important, even in activewear.

By Charlotte Wells – June 1, 2023

Sustainability has become a primary goal for many individuals and organizations, not just at the big environmental level but in people’s individual daily practices as well. The fitness and lifestyle industries are some of the many places where the move towards sustainability can be seen, as there has been a notable increase in sustainable activewear over the past few years.

Sustainable activewear is athletic clothing that is made with eco-conscious materials in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

According to Healthline, some key practices of sustainable clothing lines include using recycled fabrics and plastic-free packaging, minimizing their impact on the environment, providing fair and safe working conditions, and being transparent about their practices.

Shopping from sustainable activewear brands is a great way to find the fitness supplies you need while still being mindful of your impact on the environment and limiting harmful wastes of energy or resources.

For example, activewear that is made from organic cotton reduces water usage and pollution, while the use of other recycled and/or upcycled materials can reduce energy usage by up to 70%.

The increased demand for sustainable business practices and eco-friendly products has sparked a surge in the creation of new sustainable brands, and the production of sustainable activewear has been no exception.

Thankfully, there is a range of sustainable brands to choose from in Austin, as the active city has made sure to keep up with the trend.

One such business that has taken root in Austin is One January, a sustainable activewear brand that was developed in 2020.

Jackie Faye, the founder and CEO of the company, created One January as a way to help empower women and focuses on creating ethically made activewear from recycled materials.

An athlete herself, Faye believes that providing more women with the opportunity to be involved in sports will help elevate more of these same women to become leaders.

Sports and athletics are commonly understood to help participants develop leadership skills, teamwork, and other important skills that can be transferred to other aspects of life. They also offer an outlet for people to invest themselves in something positive.

Growing up in what she described as not the best household, Faye said that sports were incredibly important to her and that she was not sure that she would have made it out without them.

Faye started her brand One January as a means of supporting her existing nonprofit, She Can Tri, by contributing donations to support global sport and leadership opportunities for women impacted by war and poverty.

While creating her business, Faye wanted to create a sustainable model and product that would be good for the planet. She designed her clothing brand to be an ethical activewear company that produces sustainable apparel from recycled plastics and other organic materials.

Although simply creating sustainable activewear for people was not her final goal, Faye wanted to ensure that anything she created would not take away from any other aspects of the world that could also use improvement, like the environment.

“I didn’t want to hurt one area of the world to help another,” Faye said.

Faye channeled this approach into creating an activewear company that is dedicated to producing sustainably-sourced products made under safe and ethical working conditions, which she said she was able to achieve through the help of her manufacturer.

One January joined a community of other sustainable activewear and clothing brands that have already made themselves at home in Austin.

Outdoor Voices is an Austin-based activewear company that is committed to protecting the environment and using eco-friendly, sustainable practices to produce their products.

Another sustainable activewear brand that can be found in Austin is Vuori, originally founded in California. This brand describes a fivefold approach to sustainability: focus on their materials, waste reduction, offsetting their carbon footprint, social responsibility, and community leadership.

Integrating the use of sustainable activewear into your regular routine can have a significant impact on protecting the environment, as it offers high quality performance while also reflecting eco-conscious choices that have a tangible impact. Next time you’re looking for activewear, try shopping at one of these brands!


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