What is Sustainable Wellness?

By Mia Barnes – June 1, 2023

True health comes from deliberately pursuing everything that fulfills you and brings purpose to your life. Sustainable wellness means creating a long-term plan to support and nourish your overall well-being. Building such a plan will take time, but it will enhance your relationship with life in many ways.

Physical Wellness

The most important aspect of sustainable wellness is making sure everything involved is something you love to do. When you love the things you do, sustaining them long term is more manageable.

For the physical aspect of wellness, it might take some trial and error to find out what makes you feel good. For some, hot yoga could be their thing or heavy weight lifting makes them feel good. Trying to force yourself to do physical activity that isn’t for you defeats the purpose of achieving sustainable wellness.

You should also find a way to nourish every part of your physical health, including muscle tone, cardiovascular health, bone strength and flexibility. Incorporate something like walking into your daily routine to reap your desired benefits. It will also encourage you to connect with nature, adding even more physical benefits to your life. No matter what activity you choose, ensure you explore your strengths to accomplish your health and wellness goals.

Eating whole foods is an essential part of a wellness plan. What you put in your body will reflect how you feel on the outside. Grow and eat whole foods and drink water over other beverages to enhance your sustainable wellness.

Emotional Wellness

Your emotional wellness has an impact on how you view yourself. It also pairs with how you interact with others and your social well-being. One way you can work on this aspect of your wellness is by learning to forgive yourself and others while letting go of anger. This can help you navigate life situations better without carrying around heavy feelings.

Try actively connecting with one person daily and sincerely listen while being encouraging and compassionate. Practicing kindness to yourself and others will let your relationships in life flourish. Feeling peace within yourself and with the relationships around you helps build a sustainable wellness practice.

Intellectual Wellness

When creating a way to have sustainable wellness in your life, you might overlook your intellectual well-being. To increase joy in life, practice gratitude and do things to feed the brain. Even in life’s most difficult times, there are things to be grateful for.

Listing things you are grateful for will make you more aware of the fantastic things in life. Reminding yourself of the little details around you will bring an intellectual side to your wellness journey.

Another way to fuel the mind is by learning something new each day. You can achieve sustainable well-being by improving yourself and encouraging others around you to improve, too. While learning something new, encourage others to do it with you. Take a deep dive into things you are passionate about, and allow yourself to find meaning and happiness in everything you do.

Occupational Wellness

Having a career that gives you satisfaction will increase your wellness and happiness. If your job doesn’t fulfill you, try to find a hobby or volunteer for something that does. You may need to review your current situation and take steps on a new path to fulfill your needs. Think about moving in a direction that interests you or is helpful to others.

Work Towards Attaining Sustainable Wellness

Sustainable wellness is about working toward being the best version of yourself. Finding things you enjoy to build the best life with healthy habits to keep up with is the goal. Start slow and be kind to yourself when starting your wellness journey.


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