Like Rhinos, Don’t Let Your Skincare Go Extinct

Let’s talk about the Rhino in the room and repair our skin with this skincare brand.

By Isabella Ferrentino – June 1, 2023
Photos Courtesy of Brandon and Oliver Gorrie

Finding brands that work for you in the skin care industry is difficult with a wide selection of products constantly circulating. A men’s skincare startup here in Austin has made an effort to stand out from the crowd.

RHINO MUD, a family business co-founded by James Gorrie, his wife Louise and his two sons Oliver and Brandon Gorrie has taken a newer approach to skin care products.

James started noticing his skin change as he aged and began to notice a lot of damage from years of outdoor activities and overall long sun exposure. After being told time and time again to see a dermatologist, he finally made the trip.

“Dermatologist said ‘Your skin is changing, you’ve got a lot of sun damage.’ She took out a little nitrogen tool and started to zap places all over my torso, shoulders, face, arms and back,” James says.


Dr. Ted Lain, Chief Medical Officer and dermatologist at Sanova Dermatology see a shift in the skincare industry as consumers diversify.

“(Men) are less likely to take care of their skin but that’s changing as there is more education on the beneficial aspects of skin care as well as men’s realization that healthy skin is part of a healthy lifestyle and a part of the healthy body,” Dr. Lain says. “Historically the market for those who identify as women is much larger. I understand why skincare companies target that portion of the market because they tend to buy the most skincare (products). That probably does cause some men to kind of pull back and think that the skincare is not made for them at all.”

Louise Gorrie has a lot of experience working in the skincare industry as well as creating products herself. She produced a waterless balm for her husband that was easy to use and a reason for James to take care of his skin.

All of RHINO MUD’s products focus on waterless balms. Called anhydrous beauty, this skincare technique began in South Korea and refers to waterless products that are more concentrated than their water-based counterparts. Forbes reported that “water-based products contain up to 70% H2O.”  Waterless skincare products’ ingredients are not diluted; therefore, can contain higher levels of active ingredients.

RHINO MUD prioritizes cold-pressed skincare. This means that the ingredients for the skincare products have been extracted without using chemicals or heat to keep the integrity and benefits of the plant material.




“Every ingredient has a purpose, a reason for being there,” James says. “We don’t need anti-freeze ingredients to make (our product) foamy, we don’t need emulsifiers to help blend water, we don’t need alcohol to keep the bacteria out because we don’t have any water. It’s pretty straightforward.”

There is a movement of waterless products in the skincare industry as a means to use less water. More consumers are eco-conscious and looking for sustainable brands like RHINO MUD. The company’s products also have a one-year warranty, are reasonably priced and donate 1% of its profits to the International Rhino Foundation and Save The Rhino International.

“The major issue that we have right now in a mass market skincare is the use of ingredients that may or may not have a lot of science behind them,” Dr. Lain says. “We need to use skincare ingredients that are based in science and have been clinically tested versus assigning attributes that are benefiting from a halo effect of their source or other uses.”

Unfortunately, the skin care industry does not have set definitions nor standards to measure a company’s sustainability let alone what it means. As a consumer, be cautious and educate yourself on what these standards mean to you and your priorities for skincare products. RHINO MUD’s products contain specifically chosen, cold-pressed active botanicals clinically demonstrated to provide a wide range of benefits to the skin, without any harsh essential oils that can irritate sensitive skin. One such ingredient is Astaxanthin, which has been shown in clinical studies to have anti-wrinkle and antioxidant effects on the skin.

Co-founder and son Oliver Gorrie are seeing younger generations use the product as preventative means.

Oliver states, “in terms of sun damage, inflamed skin, acne-prone skin, any kind of damage, acne flare-ups, the ingredients in the product are basically vitamins and nutrients that your skin is going to need regardless. For a younger person, you still need it, it’s very effective, and still solving issues for you.”

The skincare industry is ever-changing and evolving and it’s up to us as consumers to recognize what we’re looking for. RHINO MUD provides new opportunities for consumers to experiment with what works best.




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