Workout of the Month: Crossfit Central

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Whether you have access to large equipment or just a set of dumbbells, Crossfit Central is sharing with our readers a crossfit style workout that can be done at the gym or easily modified in the safety of your own home. Try it out for yourself.

Barbell Strength

(every 2 minutes x 6 sets)

2 Clean Deadlifts + 1 Squat Clean


Every 2 minutes you will complete the above complex.Your goal is to build in weight over 6 sets to get as heavy as possible for the day on that complex.


Your score for this portion is the maximum weight successfully lifted.


For the Clean Deadlifts, you will grab the bar where you normally clean from with an overhead grip. Feet are underneath the hips with your back flat and shoulders slightly over the bar. While maintaining a flat back, stand the bar all the way until your shoulders are behind the bar at the top. You will complete 2 Clean Deadlifts and then without letting go of the bar, complete 1 Squat Clean. 

For the Squat Clean, it is a deadlift, big shrug and drop under the bar into a front squat and then standing all the way up. Make sure to keep that bar close to you the entire time.

Home Option: 

2 Dumbbell Deadlifts + 1 Dumbbell Squat Clean


For the DB Deadlifts, you will start with the DBs on the grounds, feet under the hips, with the heels down and hips and knees bent. The DBs are outside of the legs and your arms are straight with your chest up and back flat. Lift the DBs by driving into the ground with your heels, keeping your arms straight and chest up the whole time. Stand all the way up at the top and to lower send your butt back and keep your back flat. Only one head of each dumbbell needs to touch at the bottom. 

For the DB Squat Cleans, the dumbbells will be taken from the ground with the weights just outside of your feet or in between your feet. Hinge at the hips but keep the chest up and back flat. As you drive through your heels up try to keep the dumbbells close and avoid during a bicep curl. Pull yourself down and under and catch the dumbbells on your shoulder in a full squat. Make sure your heels are down and stand all the way up at the top.


(30-20-10 + 500m Row after each round)

Hang Power Clean 95/65


Alternating Lunges Right + Left=2


This is a descending ladder 3 round workout. You will start with 30 reps of Hang Power Cleans, 30 Alternating Lunges, and then a 500m row. On the second row you will decrease to 20 reps and on the last round you will complete 10 reps of each movement. Make sure after each set of lunges, you complete a 500m row.


Your score for this workout is the time it takes you to complete the ladder.


On the Hang Power Cleans, the barbell will be taken from above your knee. You will hinge at your hips but keep your back flat and chest up. Using your hips, you will jump, shrug and pull yourself under the barbell catching it in a quarter squat in the front rack position. Avoid doing a reverse curl as much as possible.

For the Lunges, this is a bodyweight lunge and you can either step forward or backwards on your lunge. Make sure you take a long enough step so that your front heel stays down when your back knee touches the ground. Do not let your back knee slam into the ground. Instead lightly touch the ground with your back knee and don’t allow the forward knee to cave in. Keep the chest up and belly tight the whole time.

For the Row, make sure you keep your back flat and create big pulls on the rower. Drive through your legs and pull hard. 


Scale the weight to make sure you keep your form sound. You should be able to do 12-15 reps unbroken on the Hang Power Cleans. 

Home option:

30-20-10 + 400m run after each round

Dumbbell Hang Power Clean 50/35

Alternating Lunges R+L=2

On the Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans, the dumbbell will be taken from above your knee. You will hinge at your hips but keep your back flat and chest up. Using your hips, you will jump, shrug and pull yourself under the dumbbell catching it in a quarter squat in the front rack position. Avoid during a reverse curl as much as possible.


4 Sets: 12 V-Ups

Rest 30 seconds

On the V-Ups, hold your arms straight above the top of your head. In one movement, simultaneously lift your torso and legs as if you’re trying to touch your toes. Your torso and thighs should form a letter “V.” Lower your body back to the starting position.



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