Better Together

By Gretchen Goswitz & Emma Whalen – June 1, 2017

ManKind Project

Although ManKind Project has a global presence with an incredibly wide reach, Austin men can feel a close connection in the local chapter. This inclusive, nonprofit brotherhood aims to create an environment that supports personal development to foster healthy male role models. 

Austin chapter member Mateo Daniel says ManKind Project also provides men with the necessary tools to heal some of society’s deepest wounds—within their communities and on an internal level. “I find the culture to be very inclusive and accessible for all men. I’ve met men from every race and religion I know of through the work, as well as plenty of ‘good ol' boys,’ homosexual men, and transgender men. Every man has a voice, and every man is supported in looking at his shadows and discovering his gold,” says Daniel. 

The culture and the language of ManKind Project is influenced by Jungian psychology and Lakota traditions—enforcing a deep connection to the earth, the head, and the heart. New members can expect to be warmly welcomed into a safe space that redefines masculinity for the greater good.


After struggling with symptoms of postpartum depression, Alex Winkelman Zeplain started Tribe as a community focused on wellness in motherhood. Partnering with Westlake gym, BB Fitness, the Tribe membership program allows mothers to utilize gym equipment and amenities, in addition to Tribe specific classes such as Barre, Strength and Tone, and Girl Power. Mothers of babies and toddlers can even keep their child in the studio with them.

“That's the beautiful thing about Tribe,” Zeplain says. “It doesn't matter if your baby cries because everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is going to experience that, whether it’s today or it's tomorrow.”

Tribe also offers child care with trained professionals. There are drop-in classes or a $150 monthly membership with unlimited classes, childcare for one child (any additional are $25), and access to the Women’s Lounge where moms can relax, chat, and even get some work done.  

“It’s really a place where you could come spend your entire morning with us, have a baby in class, use childcare, get some work done, take a shower, or hang out with a girlfriend. There’s lots of options,” Zeplain says.  

No Excuse Moms

The 'No Excuse Mom' group is a nonprofit funded by California-based organization, Fitness Without Borders. Run on volunteer power, the group offers free classes throughout Austin. There are track workouts at Akins High School, stair workouts at Mount Bonnell, boot camps at Zilker Park, and partnerships with different fitness studios for free classes. 

Volunteer Austin team leader, Edith Salazar and Andrea Glick, uses their work and motherhood experience to inspire others to get active.

“Everything that I do is free, I don't get paid, I don't get reimbursed for money, I just do it because I enjoy working out and I love helping people,” Salazar says. “I've always been in the service industry. To me, it’s just natural to help others.”

There are an assortment of workouts offered, some led by Salazar and Glick, and others by professional instructors. From Tabata to track, the variety challenges and empowers mothers, with a tough love attitude tuned to each person’s needs. Members are also added to a private Facebook group that allow the women to offer constant support to one another. Whether it’s praising hard work, encouraging a fitness challenge, giving advice for meal prep, or recruiting other women to try a new workout, the members of No Excuse Moms are a neverending source of motivation.

Central/South Austin Leader: Edith Salazar

North Austin Leader: Andrea Glick 

Central/South Co-Leaders: Nina Ortega and Mary Medina

North Austin Co-Leaders: Ashley Braithwaite, Amanda Rose, and Tara Miller



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