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Navigating the 2014 World Cup Games

It’s the world’s biggest game and it’s time to settle down for a month of the best soccer to be found. From group play to TV schedules to stadium info, AFM has your World Cup basics.

Outdoor Games For Kids

These five simple games can get your kids up and having fun this summer, all while instilling a lifetime love of movement among children.

Dedicated to All the Dads

Fit Finds for Father's Day

2014 SMSC Winners

Running in Guatemala

Traveling for charity in beautiful Guatemala reveals much about training to runner Mason Wheeless

Taking the Stink Out of Shoes

Summer means sweat mixed with dirt. Austin shoe expert Christopher Gunderson provides advice on how to best (and safely) clean running shoes.

Three Ways to Apply Cold Therapy

There are three different methods for applying cold therapy to tired and injured muscles, each with its own unique attributes.

The Pulse

Local Firefighters Turned Entrepreneurs

Real life experience inspires father to create modern child carrier.

The Alphabet Soup of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Identify the proper amount of omega-3 fatty acids for your diet.

2014 Swimsuit Issue

Understanding Electrolytes and Hydration

Track hydration to maintain consistent energy level, output.

FAQ: June 2014

Your questions, our answers.

The Knee

The knee is made up of four parts: ligaments, bones, cartilages, tendons, and a joint capsule.

Forging Her Own Trail

Local runner Richelle Criswell started Trailhead Running to introduce women to trail running.

Let's Talk Soccer Injuries

ACL tears and concussions are common soccer injuries, but the incidence of these can be lessened with proper equipment and training.

Combine Trail and Road Running for Dynamic Results

Surface varieties can increase speed and improve stability muscles.

The World's Football

Letter from the Publisher

Wrapping It Up with Tape

Sure, it looks cool but what exactly is the purpose of applying tape? There are different types of tape and different uses for athletes.

Fink and Huddleston: The Brains behind Revletics

College roommates Jason Fink and Ryan Huddleston are the brains behind Revletics, a local fitness product company.

Tightening Up Your Trunk Muscle

Muscle movements designed to improve the core.

Healthy Bits

A brief look at the science behind wellness.

Fresh Footballer Hair at Home

How to mirror your favorite hairstyle from the soccer pitch.

From Texas to Brazil

That other brand of “futbol” takes this world stage in June.

Playground Fitness

Active parents lead to active kids.

Just Add Water: Growing a Swimming Renaissance

Face your fear and drop the excuses. It’s time to swim.

Tennis Winning Mindset: Meditate on the Moment

Overcoming mental hurdles to leap the net.

How to Go From Zero to Hero

Steps to completing your first half Ironman.

From Farm, To Market

The AFM staff brought in a few of their favorites from the bounty that Austin’s Farmers’ Markets provides, along with curating a list of some of the places to find farm-fresh items.

Taking Your Triathlon to the Next Level

Now that you’ve completed a sprint triathlon, think about what you need in order to move to Olympic distance (and longer) events