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Creating Positive Self Image

Establishing body confidence at an early age

Michael Fasci

Making fitness a family affair

Team Work

Why racing with a partner can make all the difference

Avocado Corn Salsa

This yummy salsa can be used as an appetizer or wrapped in a corn tortilla for a light lunch.

Who Can Practice Pilates?

Why Pilates can be a man's sport.

Reversing the Vasectomy

When men change their mind about kids

The Pulse: June 2013

Everything Austin this summer

Fathers of Fitness

Check out these fathers who show their kids what it means to be active

Calling the Shots in Tennis

The latest looks straight from the court

Leaving the Mound

Cat Osterman's retirement from professional softball

Moves for a Fit Set Circuit

Using total body circuits to produce results

Setting an Example

How family can motivate your exercise

Looking at Swimming through the DADDY GOGGLES

Making swimming a family tradition

Family Fitness is a Lifestyle

Making wellness a part of your family's life

By the Numbers: Family and Fathers

Stats about dads and family

Part 3: Nutrition During Competition

Staying on top of your nutrition for AFM FITTEST

Backyard Games

Make the most of your summer by taking the play outdoors

Gaining Street Credibility

Making improvements to the face of stationary cycling

Geeking Out with Dad

Finding the perfect gift for that dad on the go

Hamstring Stretching

It is possible to overstretch muscles and other soft tissues.

Triathlete and Father

The story of a triathlete who became a father