“Skinny” Women Banned from Gym?

By Sarah – June 21, 2012

I had to do a double-take when I saw the article title “Gym Bans Skinny People” on Yahoo’s homepage yesterday (read it here).  Upon further investigation, I came to find that the “gym” is actually a Fitness camp/Personal training program offered exclusively to overweight women. Founder and CEO Louise Green told TheProvince.com that the gym is a “safe haven” for overweight women who find working out in the presence of their “skinny” peers intimidating and demoralizing. Body Exchange, the name of the “gym”, has a strict policy on only accepting plus-size women into their fitness center. Green stated that potential clients are screened over the phone and it is then that they determine if they are considered plus-size. While there are other gyms and programs that are targeted specifically toward overweight and obese clientele, Body Exchange is the first to have an official ban on those who don’t meet certain standards. “The presence of that person in our program will bring down morale,” stated Green. So what happens when one of the overweight clients becomes one of the dreaded “skinny people”? I’m sure that’s something they’re willing to find out!

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