Hearty, Healthy and Delicious

By Alora Jones – July 1, 2020

Satisfy your taste buds guilt-free this summer with five of the healthiest and freshest local meals in Austin.

Austin has a myriad of fantastic restaurants, and many of them have healthy options. That’s why we searched numerous menus around town and rounded up five of the healthiest meals in the city to spotlight their tasty, nutritional benefits.

1. Kale Me Crazy – Poke Bowl

Finding just the right poke bowl is no easy task, but this one hits the mark with organic superfoods. This bowl is made with wild-caught ahi tuna dressed with an in-house marinade, avocado, cucumber, carrots, edamame, radishes, toasted sesame seeds, made-from-scratch, spicy vegan mayo and furikake on top of a bed of jasmine rice. Tuna is a heart-healthy protein that may help improve memory and circulation. Cucumbers are hydrating and may help regulate diabetes.

8300 N FM 620

2. Ranch Hand – HeartBrand

With protein sourced from Texas ranches, this hearty meal gives you all the scrumptious nutrition your heart could desire. The plate is served with grilled kale, avocado, toasted pepitas, habanero chimichurri and roasted sweet potatoes. Your protein options include Akaushi steak, chicken, grilled tofu or pulled pork. Kale is all the rage right now and for great reasons — it’s full of vitamins and can help cholesterol levels. Sweet potatoes can be mood-boosting, have vision benefits, and may help reduce your risk of cancer.

5530 Burnet Road Suite A

3. Citizen Eatery – Citizen Power Bowl

This bowl, on the meat-free menu, is filled with a combination of flavors that complement each other so well. Grains, protein, fruits and vegetables can be found in every bite. It is made of quinoa, avocado, marinated kale, chickpeas, almonds, sunflower seeds, roasted red peppers, grape tomato and a citrus vinaigrette. You even have the option to add grilled tofu or an egg patty. While quinoa is rich in iron and vitamins, it can also be good for blood sugar control, and chickpeas can help your digestive and heart health.

5011 Burnet Road

4. Vinaigrette – The Omega

Searching for a large, crisp salad that will make your mouth water? Search no more. The Omega has leafy greens, chopped kale, sweet corn, diced bell pepper, tomato, avocado, red onion, cilantro and toasted pine nuts with a blue cheese vinaigrette. You can also add sautéed cilantro lime shrimp, grilled, marinated baby artichokes, grilled tofu, lemon-herb chicken breast or grilled pork tenderloin. The ingredients in this dish have a variety of health benefits. Tomatoes can help protect against skin cancer and may help reduce wrinkles, bell pepper can boost immunity and cilantro can fight infections.

2201 College Avenue

5. Blenders and Bowls – The Endless Summer

A high concentration of antioxidants and fiber can be found in this acai bowl, leaving you feeling increasingly energized. In this refreshing summertime item, you will find a blend of acai, mangos, bananas and coconut water. It’s also topped with hemp granola, kiwis, strawberries, pomegranate seeds and local honey. Mangos can be brightening and rejuvenating for the skin. Pomegranate seeds can reduce inflammation and help prevent arthritis. Kiwi can improve sleep, lower blood clot risk and may help with asthma.

1625 E 6th St. 

4200 N Lamar Blvd  

3736 Bee Caves Road #8

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