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FAQ: July 2014

Add Variety to Your Vegetables

The Spiralizer turns vegetables into an array of sizes and textures.

Equipment Review: Battle Ropes and More

Target power and conditioning with battle rope workouts.

Improve Climbing Skills

Bicycle Sport Shop's Wednesday Night Beginner Ride

2014 Body Doc Guide

Local Sheriffs Trade Patrol Cars for Bicycles

The Travis County Sheriff’s Cycling Team exists to promote fitness and service.

Fitness in the Name of Service

A look at how three local first responders stay fit to serve.

Keeping Tri Training Simple

In this busy world, participating in events may be the best way to keep triathlon training simple and uncomplicated. An aquathon is one way to provide some quality training in an easy manner, and Andrea Fisher gives tips for taking on a swim/run event like Splash-n-Dash.

When Is It OK for Kids to Cycle Alone?

When it comes to family fitness, parents often must balance a desire for activity with practical concerns, especially as pertains to safety. Austin blogger Heather Way explores that important question about when to let the kids head out alone on a bike ride.

Carolyn Haney and WeViva Make Life Better

Nutrition and exercise classes offered throughout Austin.

Do You Really Need to Do Speed Work?

Pro triathlete Patrick Evoe takes a unique stance on track workouts for age group athletes in training for distance events.

FitFinds: One Workout Shoe to Rule Them All

You’re looking for a shoe that will cover all the activities in your boot camp workout or circuit training. John Schrup with Texas Running Company gives his favorite options for all-purpose workout shoes.

Fit to Respond: Austin Police, Austin Fire, and Austin-Travis County EMS

The field of first response is unpredictable and unscripted. Health and fitness allow police, fire, and paramedic crews to perform under pressure.

Recipe: Orange Quinoa with Toasted Coconuts and Almonds

Quinoa is a complete protein. Combine this healthy food with orange, coconuts, and almonds for a sweet summer side dish.

Healthy Bits: July 2014

Downhill Swimming

Balance in swimming can help—or hinder—technique. Coach Kim Brackin offers an explanation for how balance in the form can help improve swimming and provides drills for practice.

Fit For Duty

Letter from the Publisher

A Nutritionist’s Favorite Things

AFM nutrition writer Anne Wilfong takes a look at her favorite blogs, books, and other resources from 2014.

The Spine

The bones that keep you upright.

What is Pain?

Actively fit people maintain a higher pain tolerance.

Mixing the Loading Strategies with Supersets

Movement training translates to fitness in everyday activities.

Balance is the key to fitness longevity.

Balance is the key to fitness longevity.

Strength and Conditioning for Young Athletes

A guide for parents entering children into summer training.

Running Rogue: Allison Macsas and Rogue Expeditions Explore the Globe

For many runners, far away locations are half the appeal of choosing events. But how about picking a location and then working in the run as part of a vacation? That’s exactly what Rogue Expeditions is doing.

Lifting for Life

Overall muscle balance is essential to injury-proofing endurance training.

Finding Your Perfect Training Blend

Creating a training plan for a half Ironman-distance triathlon is something like creating the perfect smoothie. It’s all about finding the right balance and blend. Coach Carrie provides a recipe for success.

The Pulse: July 2014

Keeping Fitness Fun

Poison Ivy: Leaves of Three, Let it Be

Take a close look at many of Texas’ outdoor trails, and you’ll find the familiar three leaves of poison ivy.

Is Your Energy Drink Gluten Free?

What ingredients to look for on the bottle labels.

New Fitness Shops

Everything you need for the trail, road, or gym.