The Pulse: July 2013

By AFM Staff – July 1, 2013

What's Your Rollergirl Name?

With cool monikers like Misty Meaner, Reyna Terror, Sookie Smackhouse, and Varuca Assault, who DOESN’T want a rollergirl alter ego? Click HERE determine your rollergirl name. Here at AFM, we have Alison Plunderland, Sin der Swella, Elenore Brusavelt, and Slay Lavie—and one of these was an ACTUAL derby rec league benchwarmer!

le Tour de Franzia 

What you need:
One box white wine
One box red wine
Plastic specimen cups for serving

1. Mention of urine tests: Those with white wine take a drink
2. Reference to blood doping: Watchers with red wine take a drink
3. Texas flag, cowboy hat, and/or sign alluding to Lone Star State in crowd shot: Stand and sing first line of “Texas, Our Texas”
4. Graphic or commentary containing USADA, UCI, USPS Team, EPO, or WTC: Last one to put a finger on nose has to pay penalty of $5 and sit out until next commercial break
5. Any instance where Lance Armstrong is not mentioned (but should be): Everyone drinks

True or False

It’s a wacky world of health and fitness out there. Which of these are fantasy and which reality?

1. Millennials eat out less than baby boomers did at their age. – TRUE
2. Aqua cycling involves indoor bikes, submerged in a pool, with Jellies for your feet; workouts burn 800 calories an hour. – TRUE
3. North vs. South tug-o-war across Lady Bird Lake—to win, 140 people from one side must be pulled into the lake. – TRUE
4. Groups are advocating for medical marijuana for pets. – TRUE
5. If the bees died out, mankind would cease to exist in four years. – TRUE

Book Bit

From The Extra Mile: One Woman’s Personal Journey to Ultrarunning Greatness by Pam Reed

“Come to think of it, a woman winning at Badwater was probably a very good thing for that race. It got the race a lot more attention than it had had before. Chris Kostman said that the third year I ran, after two wins, the field was the deepest they’d ever had. I’ll bet some of those runners underestimated the difficulty of the race. They probably thought, ‘Man, if a girl can win it, it can’t be that tough.'"

Playlist for America

1. America's Suitehearts — Fall Out Boy
2. Born In The U.S.A. —Bruce Springsteen
3. American Baby — Dave Matthews Band
4. America's Son — Air Review
5. Courtesy Of The Red, White, and Blue — Toby Keith
6. American Girls — Counting Crows
7. American Honey — Lady Antabellum
8. American Idiot — Greenday
9. American Pie — Don McLean
10. I'm Proud to be an American — Pat Boone

Listen to the playlist on Spotify HERE

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