Fit Fun: No Pain and All Gain

By Lou Earle – July 1, 2013

Is this title an oxymoron?

For exercise zealots, avid tri-athletes, marathon enthusiasts, and all the other usual fitness suspects, the answer is a resounding “no.” But what about the rest of us mortals? Well, ask your kids if playing soccer or Frisbee golf is a drag. And what about surfing, skate boarding, basketball, and swimming? No hue and cry about these activities. Beach volleyball, wake boarding, kayaking, or even tubing? You could probably find some serious advocates for these summer frolics. From the simplest children’s games (such as hide and seek, kick the can, and Marco Polo) to more cerebral pastimes (a round of golf or a set of tennis), fun fitness activities abound. We just don’t often think of exercise that way.

Despite the general perception, fitness is not just about strenuous extremes; the real key to health is safe movement with an appropriate level of intensity repeated with some consistency. Dancing the Texas Two-Step, hiking the greenbelt, and walking your faithful canine are all activities with fitness benefits that even the most sedentary soul can find enjoyable. It’s all about getting out there, getting moving, and doing it as often as you can. Of course, the more one associates these activities with fun, the easier it is to move (pardon the pun) them up our priority list. And, being social creatures, if we can drag along some friends, even better.

A great way to find fitness motivation is to identify those activities you enjoy, especially those you can share with family and friends, and that get you moving. Double up on the “F” in fitness by treating yourself to at least one “fun” activity every day. Remember: “Fitness fun” is limited only by one’s imagination and desire to enjoy life—there is something for everyone …so what are you waiting for?

Keep Austin Fit,

Lou Earle, Publisher, CEO

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