WEB EXCLUSIVE: NASCAR Pit Stop Versus F1 Pit Stop

By Leah Fisher Nyfeler – July 5, 2012

Six on a team* vs. 15 on a team

One jack man vs. Two jack men

Gas man vs. Refueling not allowed since 2010

Two tire carriers (cover both sides of car) vs. Four wheel-off men (removes the wheel)

Two tire changers vs. Four gunmen (remove wheel nuts)

Two tire changers vs. Four gunmen (remove wheel nuts) & Four wheel-on men (puts on new)

Jack man signals driver by lowering car vs. Lollypop man (guides driver in and out)

Jack placed mid-car vs. Jacks placed front and rear

Tire changers must run around car vs. Wheel-on, wheel-off specific to a wheel

Crew starts pit stop on wall vs. Crew starts pit stop in open “u” position

Three crew run in front as car comes in vs. All crew stay in position until car stops

Five lug nuts per wheel vs. One wheel nut per wheel

One side of wheels replaced, then other vs. All wheels replaced simultaneously

Crew races to wall when finished vs. Crew returns to garage after car exits

Gold standard=13 seconds vs. Gold standard=3 seconds

*The catch-can position was removed in 2011 due to new, self-venting hoses



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