Special Interest Guide: New Year, New You

By AFM Staff – January 1, 2020

It’s that time again, the time to make resolutions…But don’t let your resolutions die after February, keep them up! Our Self Improvement Guide includes local gyms, medspas, fitness studios and wellness spaces that will help kickstart your year of hitting those health goals — and keeping them. Utilize these places to see a better, stronger, healthier you in 2020!

Pure Pilates Austin

purepilatesaustin.com  |  howdy@purepilatesaustin.com
North (at the Domain II): 11011 Domain Drive 
Central: Corner of 22nd and ½ and Pearl  |  South: 1414 South Lamar

Voted one of the best Pilates studios for SIX years running by Austin Fit Magazine readers, Pure Pilates Austin has been keeping clients sculpted and sweating since 2013 and has locations in North, South and Central Austin. Pure Pilates Austin is not your traditional workout, they utilize the Lagree Fitness method delivering a high-intensity, calorie burning, transformational fitness class that some have referred to as “Pilates on Crack.” The Lagree Fitness method and its patented Megaformers, were created by Sebastian Lagree in Los Angeles, where it has gained a dedicated following that includes Megan Markle, Sophia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston and a number of Victoria’s Secret Angels.

What Makes a Perfect Workout?

Each 45 minute class combines the basics of traditional Pilates with strength training, cardio intervals and upbeat music to create a total body workout with maximum muscle exertion, which is sure to leave you sweating every time and build long, lean, sculpted muscles — and it’s fun, in a hard kind of way! What makes this workout truly unique is that it’s done on a state of the art Megaformer machine — a  sophisticated modified Pilates reformer with pulleys, springs, grasps and glides that allow the user to get a full body workout incorporating cardio, core, strength and flexibility training without the joint impact that other fitness regimens place on the body. Each class is sequenced to work through every major muscle group for an optimal duration, which creates an intense and effective full-body workout. Other benefits of this workout include improved spinal alignment, balance, coordination and a boosted metabolism for up to 24 hours after class. Led by fun and motivating instructors, no two classes are the same, and with just ten machines each client is assured personal attention so that their form improves and they are continually challenged.

Check out What Austin is Saying About Pure Pilates Austin:

“They take what could be a very intimidating experience and make it fun. I’m only five classes in and can already tell a difference in muscle tone and posture.”

“Pure Pilates Austin gives me the perfect workout combination of intensity, strength training and cardio. My body gets ROCKED every single class! I’m stronger, more toned and overall a healthier person. I also love the variety in each class and every instructor — never the same and always butt-kicking.”

“After only three classes I can already feel a tighter core. This review is coming from a long distance runner who thought this would be a walk in the park, boy was I mistaken…this is kicking my butt and I couldn’t be happier!”

New Client Specials: 2 classes for $30 and 1-month unlimited for $169

Austin Fit Reader Promo (expiration January 31st) – use code BESTOFAFM online or on our app for $10 off any purchase of classes, including New Client Specials purepilatesaustin.com 

IVitamin Hydration Therapy

IVitamintherapy.com  |  515 S Congress Ave


IVitamin is a premier IV Hydration Lounge in Austin, Texas, that offers IV therapy, a popular wellness service that features an IV packed with vitamins to replenish depleted nutrient levels. Research shows that people absorb 100 percent of the vitamins administered via IV which means that IVitamin’s menu of IV cocktails and boosters allows you to upgrade your health and wellness routine by maximizing the amount of vitamins and nutrients your body receives as well as adding personalized options that tackle your deficiencies from the inside. Stop by the downtown spa to meet with the amazing team of medical professionals to see the benefits in enhanced focus, increased energy level, improved immunity and better physical performance! Juggling a packed calendar? Schedule their mobile service to come to you!

Ready to upgrade your health and wellness routine?
Click here to book your first IV appointment and get $50 off!

F45 Training

Westlake: 3201 Bee Caves Road #134  |  737.704.4395 
Lakeway: 3944 Ranch Rd 620 S #120  |  737.704.4387
Domain 3220 Amy Donovan Plaza #124

What Is F45 Austin?

From amateurs to athletes, and for those simply just staying fit, F45 Training includes functional movements anyone can progress into and achieve real results. F45 Austin is a privately owned series of F45 Training Studios that include Westlake, the Domain and Lakeway. With highly qualified and knowledgeable Trainers, world class amenities, and an environment you’ll love, F45 Austin can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Functional Training Burns More Fat And Builds More Muscle.

Our varied High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style training structures allow the heart rate to spike and lower during a recovery or rest periods — torching calories, burning fat, and building strong-functional muscle. Our Lionheart Heart Rate Monitor Technologies help you track your progress and assist in accountability, enforcing efficiency in the 45 minutes you spend training with us.

Functionality Promotes Healthy Joints & Stronger Bones.

Mobility, Flexibility and Functionality work hand in hand with one another, promoting improved joint and bone health. With over thousands and thousands of different movements cycled through each workout, you will improve overall fitness and functionality through calisthenics, plyometrics, agility movement patterns, and weightlifting — while achieving strength and endurance that translates into daily tasks, overall fitness, weight-loss and/or sport specific training.

Brain Juice.

Coordination utilizes both fine and motor skills, putting your brain work! The more coordination sequence patterns your brain learns, stores, and continues to learn, creates more neurons in the brain which overall increases your brain health, longevity and optimization.


2501 S Capital of Texas Hwy | Neu.fit

Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to upgrade your fitness, one major key to success lies in the nervous system. The nervous system, including the brain, is a major influence on the function of the body. It directly controls cognitive and athletic performance, hormonal releases, energy levels, organ function and the processes of healing and recovery.

One particularly interesting application is seen in a neurological fitness (“NeuFit”) approach to training. For example, using the Neubie, a patented direct current (DC) device for neuromuscular re-education, provides several benefits that can make training safer and more effective.

When this DC signal is applied during squatting, pull-ups, swinging a golf club or throwing a baseball, the signal provides precise feedback that teaches the body the right patterns of muscle activation. And when the right muscles are active, they keep the body safe and stable during that movement. This combination can reduce the risk of injury and help train the most efficient movement patterns.

Using the unique type of electricity can also increase overall muscle recruitment and activation. What does that mean? It means that, even with bodyweight or low-weight movements, it’s still possible to get many of the benefits of heavy resistance training. The muscles will be challenged just as much, and will have the same types of signals to adapt, strengthen and grow. And in response to the challenge, the body will secrete the same types of hormones and go through the same range of responses. The best part is that this can happen without having to load up nearly as much weight and have as much risk of injury in training.

For a powerlifter or other strength athlete, it is still necessary to experience heavy loads from time to time. But for most people, this type of training can be a big piece of a long-term, sustainable fitness practice. If you’re interested in seeing how you can leverage technology to build such a practice for yourself, NeuFit’s “New Year, Neu You Challenge” may be a great opportunity to get started. It starts January 13 and details are available at its website neu.fit.

Muse Med Spa

512.230.3422  |  5524 Bee Cave Road, Suite B1
musemedspaaustin.com  |  hello@musemedspaaustin.com

Muse MedSpa is redefining body sculpting with cutting-edge technology with truScuplt flex.

truSculpt flex is specifically designed for overachievers. It’s that extra edge to help you look and feel your best all year round. This personalized muscle sculpting treatment adjusts to your fitness level, shape and goals to strengthen, firm and tone muscles. Unique multi-directional stimulation (MDS) treatment modes simulate different workouts by replicating intensified crunch, squat and twisting actions. A specially trained Muse MedSpa technician will customize a client action plan to target multiple small and large muscle groups to achieve personalized results. It’s a non-nonsurgical option, ideal for both men and women, with no downtime involved.

truSculpt flex is clinically proven to target problem areas many clients find resistant to diet and exercise. Up to eight areas can be treated in one 45-minute session, the largest treatment area available in the body sculpting industry. Clients can relax in a comfortable treatment room while a Muse MedSpa technician delivers controlled, yet comfortable, therapeutic heat into the deep subcutaneous tissue layer of the targeted body areas to create a more defined, firmer and smoother look and feel.

Although each client is unique, results can be achieved with as little as four treatments, with maximum results generally visible at 12-weeks after the last session. Many clients report seeing continued muscle tone improvement over time with a minimal maintenance treatment plan.

CYL Sauna

512.494.4800  |  215 S. Lamar Blvd., Ste. B

Change your life with infrared sauna sessions at CYL Sauna Studio. A Standard Sweat Session lasts 30 minutes and provides all the benefits of detoxification, anti-aging, pain relief, injury recovery, wound healing, improved mood, better cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation, all while burning calories as you relax in a clean, tranquil environment. 

$15 OFF your first sweat.
New Client single sweat $30.
Check out their packages and memberships for other great options.

Castle Hill Fitness Gym & Spa

Personal Training, Classes, Pilates, Yoga, Health Coaching
512.478.4567  |  castlehillfitness.com

Going on its 18th year, Castle Hill Fitness Gym & Spa remains one of the few locally grown gyms in Austin. The recipe for their success is much like that of a fit and healthy lifestyle  — include lots of variety, seek out professional guidance, focus on the long game and take stock in recovery time as much as you do in the workout.

Castle Hill Fitness offers weekly classes in a dozen different disciplines. At their two locations, you’ll find Barre, Pilates equipment and mat, high-intensity strength training, indoor cycling and yoga classes in lots of styles. Memberships give you access to all locations, and billing is handled in-house. If you want more flexibility, a la carte passes and packages are also available. When it’s time to recover, you can find therapeutic amenities like a sauna, steam room, and a hot tub at their Westlake location or infrared saunas Downtown.

Whether your goal is to start an exercise habit, decrease stress or get serious about your overall health and wellness, the staff of professionals at Castle Hill Fitness is here to help you find your best self this year.

NEW CLIENTS Tour either location and experience Castle Hill first hand with a free trial membership.

January Membership Special – enrollment fees are waived when you commit to 6-months. Click here for more info.

The Loop Running Supply Company

115 Sandra Muraida Way Ste 105B

For those of you looking to kick the new year off right, join the The Loop Run Club every Monday and Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. A casual group run with your choice of three, five or seven mile routes.
Post run brews, hangs and high fives always follow.

All paces welcome.

Stay up to date on the latest events and product drops. Follow along @thelooprunning.




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