Community Corner: New Design for Pease Park

By Kelly Frossard – December 31, 2018


Austin’s oldest park is getting an upgrade. 

In November, Pease Park Conservancy announced its plans for the new Kingsbury Commons, which is designed and constructed by Ten Eyck Landscape Architecture (TELA). The proposed improvements to Kingsbury Commons are made possible in part by the transformative $9.7 million gift from the Moody Foundation in October 2017. 

“We are honored to work on restoring one of Austin’s first public parks. We have a personal passion for Pease because it is in our own ‘backyard’ and loved by so many in our city. We have an epic story to tell of the Park’s history that we are anxious to help convey,” Ten Eyck’s Founding Principal, Christine Ten Eyck says. “Our team cherishes Pease Park and visits it regularly. Our goal is to preserve this natural green space by developing a system of authentic elements capable of addressing future growth, and to create opportunities for people to learn about and engage with the natural and cultural environment of Pease Park.” 

Construction for the Kingsbury Commons project will occur at the southernmost 13 acres of the park, and will aim to protect and preserve the natural feel of the cultural landscape, while providing the area with more opportunities for play, fitness, activity and connections. The new design will be a memorable and fitting gateway to the beloved outdoor space, and the new additions are a symbol of the city’s growth and eclecticism. The improvements will also provide a peaceful escape to nature as well. 

Design plan includes:

  • Enhanced entryway at Parkway and Kingsbury
  • Renovations of the historic Tudor Cottage and a new terrace for community gathering
  • Multi-use facility with restrooms and a volunteer service center
  • Restoration of historic features including the CCC-era picnic tables
  • Interactive water play feature and nature area
  • Recreational and educational treehouse
  • Open, multi-purpose lawn
  • Enhanced basketball and volleyball courts
  • Multigenerational fitness area
  • Additions of bike racks, tables, and benches 

Spread across 84 acres, Pease Park is a series of connected green spaces running along Lamar Boulevard from West 15th to West 31st Streets, providing visitors with both an intimate and sprawling natural amenity. Owned by the City of Austin, Pease Park is a public park maintained, operated and programmed by Pease Park Conservancy, in partnership with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department. 

“The Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) has been looking forward to this moment since PARD and the Conservancy began the planning process for the Pease Park Master Plan in 2013,” Kimberly McNeely, Acting Director of the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department says. “This is such an exciting time for Pease Park, and for Austin as a whole.”  



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