January 2019

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Add these to your list of resolutions.

Why Fiber is the Not-So-Secret Key to Weight Loss

Adding food to your diet is sometimes the trick to losing the extra pounds.

Preventing Osteoporosis

Decrease in bone density can happen in both younger and older adults. The good news is, it’s not too late to reverse some of the damage.

Reintroducing: Cat Osterman

After three years in retirement, the left-handed pitching legend is attempting a comeback for the 2020 Olympics.

Fitness Guide

January is the time to start anew — consider any of these local fitness centers, studios or stores for all your resolutions.

Aaron Ross and Sanya Richards-Ross

Even after retirement from sports, Aaron Ross and Sanya Richards-Ross continue to elevate each other to the top of their games — now as parents and entrepreneurs.

Human Wellness is the New Corporate Wellness

In an age where things seem to change rapidly, the latest trend in corporate wellness is starting to ride a more permanent wave.

Wellness FAQ: Reaching Your Potential

We live in a time of advancing science and exponential technologies that places data and metrics at our fingertips. Apeiron Center for Human Potential is a new, local business that leverages these powerful advancements to provide precise individualized strategies to optimize health and well-being. We asked Dr. Robert Harding of Apeiron how he approaches health and why we should start taking a new look at Precision Performance Medicine.

No Equipment Home Workout

No need to head to the crowded gym this January. Start the year off right and keep your resolutions on track with this full-body work out at home.

Athlete Spotlight: Phil Radford

Phil Radford is proof you can train at any age. He runs three times a week with the Shoal Creek Striders at 86 years old and has also qualified for the 2019 Senior Olympic Games 5K in Albuquerque. We caught up with him to hear more about his training and what he’s hoping to accomplish.

Uncovering Talent Through Opportunity

The Andy Roddick Foundation helps underserved Austin students find their passion, and as a result, thrive inside and outside the classroom.

Five Things You Should Know About Running Injuries

Dr. Davis of RunLab shares her advice on how to hit your new year’s resolutions without letting your injuries get in your way.

New Year, New Reads

A round-up of books on our radar to read this year.

Sloppy Janes Recipe

The new year usually consists of new health goals and diets; or even just resolutions of cooking at home more. Whole30-, paleo- and keto-approved, this twist on a classic from The Defined Dish is a simple, family-friendly recipe to start your year off right.

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