Sweat, Burn, Lengthen, and Tone

By AFM Staff – January 1, 2017

Recently voted the best Pilates studio in 2016 by Austin Fit Magazine, Pure Pilates Austin has been keeping clients sculpting and sweating for over 3 years. Pure Pilates Austin is not your basic workout, but rather offers high-intensity, calorie burning, transformational fitness classes that have been called “Pilates on Crack.” Lagree Fitness™ got its start out in Hollywood, CA by founder Sebastian Lagree, where it has gained a dedicated following that includes Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Sofia Vergara and a number of Victoria’s Secret Angels. 

Each 45-minute class combines the basics of traditional Pilates with strength training, cardio intervals, and upbeat music, to create a total body workout that is sure to get you sweating every time and leave you with long lean muscles. The Lagree Fitness methodology integrates key elements of resistance and counter-resistance, creating a unique dynamic that allows clients to achieve maximum muscle exertion—which tones and sculpts the core, legs and upper body. Each class is sequenced to work through every major muscle group for an optimal duration, which creates an intense and effective full-body workout that is complete in just 45 minutes. What makes this workout truly unique is that it’s done on a state of the art Megaformer™—an amped-up, modified version of the Pilates reformer with pulleys, springs, and a gliding carriage that enables the user to get a full body workout incorporating cardio, core, strength and flexibility training—without the hard impact and strain on joints that can be experienced in other fitness regimes. Other benefits of this workout include improved spinal alignment, posture, balance, coordination and a boosted metabolism for up to 24 hours post-class.

Personalization & Knowledge is Key

Led by energetic, knowledgeable and motivational trainers, no two classes are ever the same. Each class is limited to a maximum of ten individuals, which allows the trainer to give personalized attention to each and every client, each and every time. This allows each workout to be customized to each individual’s fitness level, ensuring that their form improves and that they are continually challenged from class to class. 

With two locations, a team of awesome instructors, and the patented Megaformer™, January at Pure Pilates Austin is the perfect time to kick-start your fitness goals and get your body stronger, tighter, and leaner than ever before.

Check Out What Austin is Saying

“They take what could be a very intimidating experience and make it fun. I'm only 5 classes in and can already tell a difference in muscle tone and posture.”

“After only 3 classes I can already feel a tighter core. This review is coming from a long distance runner who thought this would be a walk in the park, boy was I mistaken…this is kicking my butt and I couldn’t be happier!”

“Pure Pilates Austin gives me the perfect workout combination of intensity, strength training, and cardio. MY body gets ROCKED every single class! I’m stronger, more toned and overall a healthier person. I also love the variety in each class and every instructor…never the same and always butt kicking.”

“I’m amazed at how I got a total cardio workout PLUS the DEEP core burn at the same time. I think I’ve found an ideal spot to help me on my journey to becoming stronger and fit.”


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