DIY Fitness Hacks

By Angela Vega – January 1, 2016
photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

Bring an element of craftsmanship to your daily workout regimen with Do-It-Yourself fitness hacks. Looking good doesn’t need to cost you a toned arm and leg—especially when you can recycle, reuse and repurpose household items.

No-Leak Ice Pack:  Frozen peas are so old school for your bumps, bruises and sore muscles. Create your own no-leak ice pack with a common household sponge, a Ziploc bag and some water. Soak the sponge in water, stick it in a secure bag, and place in the freezer.

Throwaway Arm Warmers: Those chilly mornings can warm up quickly. No need to buy expensive arm warmers when tube socks will do the trick. Take tube socks and cut 1-inch off the bottom, then cut a small hole for your thumb to keep them secure. These are great for cold race day mornings to keep you warm, and you won’t feel bad for tossing them.


Portable Fueling: Energy chews can add up in calories and cost. Since most chews are sugar, potassium and sodium, you can make your own using your favorite snacking food, honey and salt. Use honey to sweeten and salt for electrolytes on anything from apple chunks to gummy bears. Lay down a piece of Glad Press’n Seal sticky side up, group your homemade energy snack into small portions and lay another piece of Glad Press’n Seal over the top. Press down between the groupings and then cut between them. You have packaged, yummy, carb-filled snacks for pennies.

Vitamin Tube: Stop lugging around those vitamin bottles. Reuse old Nuun bottles as vitamin tubes. Those bottles can fit seven days worth of omega-3s and multivitamins (plus you can peel off the label). They can also be used to store extra change.

Steep Your Shoes: Your running shoes can be rank after a hard sweat session. You can spray them with deodorizer, but the smell just won’t come out. Steep two dry black tea bags into your shoes overnight and give them a sniff in the morning. The stink will be gone and your friends and trainers will thank you for it.

Rock Your Socks Off: Tired of holding your phone while you run so you can listen to your favorite jams? Use a thick tube sock to make an armband!  First, cut 1-inch from where the toes begin. Then turn the tube sock inside out and put it on your arm. Lastly, fold up the tube sock from the bottom to meet at the top to create a pocket. Make it sturdy by adding some glue around half of the top.


A Koozie Handheld Bottle: Put the hundreds of koozies you have gathered from various events to work. Not only can they keep your beer cold but they can also keep your water bottle secure. Cut the bottom of the koozie off, and fold it in half but parallel to the seams. Then cut 1-inch deep and 2 -inch wide sections on each side. Slip a water bottle in the koozie and go for a run!

Office Supply Your Tunes: Wires can be a hassle. Clip them to your shirt using a binder or paper clip to keep them out of your way.


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