Workout: Hips, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

By Diane Vives, M.S., C.S.C.S., N.S.C.A.-C.P.T. – January 1, 2015
Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

This month, Diane Vives is at Titan Evolution with Owner and Lead Trainer Kevin Edwards, who is demonstrating the movements. This series of exercises is designed to focus on building core strength by emphasizing trunk and rotary stability. 

Resistance Bear Crawls 

Why: to build up shoulder and hip stability
What You Need:  resistance band, at level height with torso

Starting Position:
– Standing, place the top loop of resistance band so that it rests against back of the neck. Tuck sides of loop underneath armpits, so that the band is stretched back against the upper side body. 
– Bend down to tabletop position on floor, keeping hands in line with shoulders. Knees should be off the ground and directly under hips. Form a straight line between the neck and back. Torso and shins are parallel to the floor. 

– Move right foot up mat and reach left arm forward out in front of body. Move left foot up mat and reach right arm forward in front of body, leveling out the hips and shoulders.  
– Repeat process. Then reverse the steps. 
– Maintaining control, bring right foot back and move left arm under shoulder. Bring left foot back and move right arm under shoulder. 
– Repeat process until back at starting position.

Single Leg Curl and Press

Why: challenge upper body movement and stability on lower leg 
What You Need: 10 pound weight or to your preference

Starting position: 
Stand with feet together, arms resting at sides, weight in right hand.
– Elevate the right leg, lifting thigh to parallel with the floor and stacking knee directly over ankle. 
– Keeping right shoulder level and right bicep in line with side body, lift weight up in forward motion to shoulder height, then press up—extending right arm straight up at the ceiling. This motion creates a nice cross-action between the left hip and right shoulder. 
– Maintaining balance, repeat lifting weight four times. 
– With control, bring weight down first before returning right leg to standing. 
– Repeat on opposite side. 


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