Fit Finds: Workout DVDs

By AFM – January 1, 2014


Let’s face it; sometimes, it’s hard to get out of the house on a blustery winter day. But that’s no excuse for slacking off. Here are a few DVDs that you can pop in and work out to without ever leaving your cozy nest.

1. Step Up Revolution Hip-Hop Cardio Burn $15
Misha Gabriel (dancer, choreographer) and Micki Duran (actress, dancer) provide a variety of fun and feisty workouts with hip-hop flare based on the movie Step Up Revolution. Workouts can also be downloaded on iTunes.

2. Get Fit Fast: The Complete Workout System by Mark Moon $30
This set of four DVDs comes from Australian fitness expert Mark Moon. He incorporates his ideas on making behavioral changes and bettering nutrition into his workouts, which focus on strength, cardio and core, stretching and recovery, and cycling.

3. Ballet Beautiful: Cardio Fat Burn $15
After watching Natalie Portman transform for the movie Black Swan, who wouldn’t want to try out a ballet workout? This 62-minute video from Portman’s trainer and Ballet Beautiful studio founder and creator Mary Helen Bowers incorporates low-impact cardio with toning exercises to create that swan-like body.

4. Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts: The Total Body Workout $15
Four 15-minute workouts created by the popular YouTube trainer and Texas native provide short, intense body-sculpting core workouts (upper and lower body, abs, and cardio).

5. Denise Austin: Fat Burning Walk $15
This is a home-based walking workout; for those with a FitBit or similar step-counting device, the 30-minute session promises a 4,200-step workout designed to boost metabolism and shed fat. It’s appropriate for all levels and also includes a bonus core workout to tighten and tone, all from legendary fitness expert Denise Austin, who has some 30 years of experience and more than 100 videos to her credit.

6. 10-Minute Daily Yoga Fix $15
Everybody’s got ten minutes to spare, right? Yoga expert, actress, and self-proclaimed visionary Rainbeau Mars takes away the excuses with five ten-minute “martial arts infused” yoga sessions, which take you from morning to evening and workout to relaxation. Also included is a bonus arm-sculpting routine.

7. 30-Day Butt Lift $15
Here’s a workout for Sir Mix-A-Lot and fans of Alicia Marie, author of The Booty Bible (and cover model for the AFM 2012 Swimsuit Issue), and trainer/fitness model Courtney Prather. Includes six high-intensity workouts with plyometrics and yoga to tone, firm, and burn fat.

8. Dancing with the Stars: Sizzle and Groove Latin Dance $15
This dance fitness DVD is a follow-up to the popular Dancing with the Stars: Latin Cardio. Like its predecessor, Sizzle and Groove teaches basic dance steps and then moves into a more serious workout. Dances included are the salsa, paso doble, and samba. Professional dancers and Dancing with the Stars regulars Karina Smirnoff and Kym Johnson provide instruction and fun.

9. The Biggest Loser: 6 Week Cardio Crush $15
Are you Team Dolvett or Team Bob? Either way, you win with this DVD workout modeled on the popular reality weight loss show. Five workouts are included; trainer Dolvett Quince warms you up and cools you down while trainer Bob Harper provides a variety of cardio workouts. Cast members from Season 14 share advice, tips, and inspiration in a bonus interview.

10. Be Fit in 90  $30
This set is designed to take you through three months of fitness workouts. The kit includes a diet and workout journal, workout calendar, and tips from fitness experts Samantha Clayton (Olympic track star, mother of four) and Garret Amerine (former Marine) as well as three DVDs, one for each month of the 90-day cycle.



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