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You Are Your Brand

What you wear reveals your own personality--and can provide confidence.

FAQ: January 2014

Questions--and answers--for working your healthy lifestyle connundrums.

What is Sambucus?

Meet nature's flu fighter.

STAR Flight Nurse Jamie Van Wagner Works a Life-threatening Flood

Fitness plays a crucial role in STAR Flight rescues during Austin's worst flood in years.

Lisa Mazur Teaches a Fit Lifestyle

This Irving Middle School teacher helps her San Antonio students find a healthier lifestyle.

AFMDC December Recap

Check out this review of the hardy runners who ran the AFMDC in December.

Winding Your Way on Two Wheels

Try this cycling route from MapMyFitness Ambassador Paul Goldman.

Brown Bag Resolution

Wheatsville Co-Op provides a week's worth of healthy lunches to take to work.

Ride Less, Lift More

Correcting muscle imbalances in cycling can improve your performance.

Fit Finds: Workout DVDs

Who says you need to leave home to find fitness?

AFM FitTalks: “Decide Your Distance/Script Your Success”

Review of AFM FitTalks' discussion of training distance and training groups

Oregon Races Past Texas in Alamo Bowl

An assessment of the potential new coaches for Texas.

Making the Best out of a Hairy Situation

These creative ponytails can take you from gym to work.

Susan Combs Stands Tall for Texas’ Children

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs has advocated for better school nutrition and against obesity throughout her career.

Rip Esselstyn's Ten Tips for a Healthy 2014

The author of The Engine Two Diet delivers suggestions for a better 2014.

Progressing by Mastering the Basics

Get off to a great start by perfecting progression in your exercises.

The AFM Annual

Austin Fit Magazine readers reveal their picks for the best in Austin's health and fitness for 2013.

In-Depth Diet and Nutrition Series: All About Juicing

Part IV of this AFM series on a variety of dietary options investigates juicing.

Functional Movement Screening Means Smarter and Harder Training

Diane Vives explains how FMS is changing the game for fitness professionals.

#PassMeChallenge Recap: 3M Half Marathon Reminds Runners How Great a Race Can Be

A look back on years of running half-marathons and an in-depth of the 3M half.

The Pulse

The Pulse takes a sometimes irreverent look at Austin's--and the world's--fitness community (and everything else).

Mike McShane: Running, His Way

Meet an Austin runner who has taken on every 3M Half Marathon to date.

Smoking Cessation Programs

Taking a look at online resources for kicking your smoking habit.

Are You Ready to Dive into Open Water?

Pointers for taking your swim workout out of the pool.

Learning to Sustain My Training, One Meal at a Time

Supercharge your training with nutritious meals.

Cleaning Out Toxins

Detoxification diets--what you need to know before you target those toxins.

New Years Resolution Guide

This special section includes businesses and events to help you put your best foot forward in the new year.

Coach Mo’s Top 5 Tips for Resolution Success

Making realistic fitness resolutions can help with fitness.

The H.J. Lutcher Stark Center: A Collection of Sport and Culture

This University of Texas center pays tribute to the man and catalogues physical culture and sports in society.


Facts about your respiratory organs.

Emphasizing the “Man” in Manicure

Taking the fear out of some pampering for men.

Publisher's Letter: Walking the Talk

The importance of encouraging fitness through example.

Chicken and White Bean Chili

Warm up with a bowl of steaming goodness.

Going the Distance in 2014

Coach Carrie focuses on factors to contemplate as you choose your distance.
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