Austin Fit Magazine Fittest Challenge

By Jordan – January 3, 2012

Hands down, the most popular issue of Austin Fit Magazine is the 10 Fittest issue, where we name the 10 Austin residents who are the most fit. In the past, the selection of the 10 Fittest has been determined by reader poll—that is, you all voted and we reported the results. But we found ourselves wondering…what is the definition of “fit” and how might the winners prove they are the fittest? How couldAustin Fit Magazine take the subjectivity out of picking which 10 people represent fitness for our city?

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing and debating the meaning of “fitness” and just how to test an athlete in a fair, measurable, and objective way. We brought in local and national experts for consultations, and we leveraged their knowledge and experience in everything from the nature of the tests to include, to proper execution of those tests, and just how to organize the event in order to showcase the challenge.

What emerged is a challenge worthy of naming Austin’s 10 Fittest. And in the process of nailing down the details, AFM realized that the Austin Fit MagazineFitness Challenge encompasses much more than just finding the 10 Fittest Austinites. It’s a way to involve the entire community in identifying and improving everyone’s fitness level. It will be a great contest for those who want to compete, and it will be a fantastic motivator for those who need a little help in improving their fitness.

What is the Fitness Challenge? It’s a series of fitness tests including, but not limited to, strength, endurance, balance, speed, and precision. There are ten tests, and individual athletes will compete in all ten events for a cumulative score (think of it as an “urban decathlon”); there will also be a five-person team division, for those who aren’t quite ready or don’t necessarily want to go solo. Competitors will be grouped according to age by decades, beginning with 20-29 and progressing to an over-60 division. There will be a male and female winner in each category. We’ll also have an “Invitational” category for some folks we know who would enjoy the challenge…athletes we know you’d like to see, too, because this will definitely be a spectator-friendly event.

The Fitness Challenge will take place over two days in June (one qualifying day with finals following on the next), and the final 10 Fittest winners will be presented and profiled in the August 2012 issue of Austin Fit Magazine. We’re announcing it now so that everyone in Austin has plenty of time to get ready—it’s open to anyone who wants to compete.

Here’s the million-dollar question: what exactly are the tests? We’ll reveal those challenges along with more event specifics next month. But make the decision now to test your fitness; commit to challenging yourself. As soon as the tests are announced, give them a try and establish your baseline. Then, work towards improvement over the interim months; you’ll have plenty of time to make a call as to whether you’ll vie for the chance to go toe-to-toe with the fittest in Austin. Whether you choose to compete or simply improve, rest assured that Austin Fit Magazine is going to be your go-to source for information on exactly what the tests are and how they’ll be scored. You can watch our “Muscle Movement of the Month” column for workouts; helpful videos will be posted on our website to show exactly how to execute each challenge. Registration information and an event guide will make sign up and attendance easy and enjoyable.

Austin Fit Magazine is going to give you the opportunity to test yourself. How do you measure up, Austin? Are you ready for the challenge?


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