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Your Fit Fido Can Still be in the Magazine!

Enter your dog for AFM's Fittest Dog Contest

Skip the Cake

How Sarah Farr trains to look the best of the best

Changing it up on the Bike

Changing up how you ride to improve performance

January 2012 AFMDC Leaderboard

Cumulative times from all 3 AFM Distance Challenge races.

Improvement: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Making the most of your swimming with three easy resolutions

The Skinny on Plastic Surgery

What plastic surgery can mean for your figure

A Professional’s Look at a New Racing Season

Strategizing for the a new racing season

KMB: CrossFit Central

Going through a tough workout with Coach Mo

Nexersys Delivers a Knock-out

Nexersys iPower trains mixed martial artists for accuracy and power

Austin Fit Magazine Fittest Challenge

AFM unveils new contest of strength, speed, and fitness

Paolo: In Memoriam

Austin Fit honors Paolo Minissi

Gym Workouts Count

January is the most popular month for deciding to get back into shape. Check out these stats.

Roasted Green Beans with Fennel and Walnuts

Roasting green beans brings out their natural sweetness and is a quick way to create a heart healthy side dish for your dinner entree.

Just the Facts: Here’s the Breakdown on Four Popular Diets

As we all make new resolutions, AFM looks at four diets.

Sustaining the Body Through Your Run Training

Improve your running strength and stability with cross training

Easy Days Easy, Hard Days Hard

How to moderate your runs to make the most of them

2012 Personal Trainer Guide

A look at all the personal trainers available to you in Austin

Recipe Redux: Vegetable Chili

Something hot and healthy for a cold day

Austin’s Trey Hardee Reigns as World's Greatest Athlete

Elbowing his competition, Hardee wins 2011 World Championships after tearing his UCL.

The AFM Annual “Best of” Awards 2011

Results from reader polls on the best Austin can offer for health and fitness.