Tough Mudder (Comment for a FREE Entry!)

By Kelsey – June 29, 2011

Think you’re ready for the toughest event on the planet?

Tough Mudder is not your average lame-ass mud run or spirit crushing ‘endurance’ road race. It’s Ironman meets Burning Man, and it is coming to Texas! Our 9-mile obstacle course is designed by British Special Forces to test all around strength, stamina and mental grit. Teamwork and camaraderie are crucial, so it’s also about being able to laugh at yourself. Forget finish times– simply completing a Tough Mudder is a badge of honor. The top 5% of finishers qualify for the World’s Toughest Mudder at the end of 2011. It’s a 50 mile, 48 hour obstacle race that only 10% are expected to finish.

Proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides programs and services to severely injured service members.

The race will be 2 Days, 9 Miles with 18 Obstacles: Kiss of Mud, Walk the Plank, Boa Constrictor, Log Bog Jog, Creek Crusade, Hold your Wood, Underwater Tunnels, Twinkle Toes, Berlin Walls, Ball Shrinker, Texas Bail Bonds, Devil’s Beard, The Trenches, Devil’s Groin, Funky Monkey, School of Tough Knocks, Fire Walker, Live Wires, and a mystery obstacle!

To register and find out more, click here.

Think you can handle the Tough Mudder? Know someone who’s completed it? Comment below for a FREE ENTRY!

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