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By Sponsored by: MOD Fitness – February 1, 2020

MOD Fitness owner, Marnie Duncan and Director of Training, Brittany Shimansky put together six moves with a mini band that you can take on the road with you anywhere while traveling for work or on vacation. We use resistance bands in our classes at MOD Fitness to help strengthen and tone all of our muscle groups. It’s easy to throw in your luggage and take with you anywhere. MOD Fitness classes are suitable for all fitness levels and athletic abilities.

We are excited for our grand reopening in the 78704 end of February. We can’t wait to share our beautiful studio with the Austin fitness community.

The Workout

Table Top Seat Work with Mini Band

*This workout is prenatal approved* Director of Training, Brittany Shimansky, 26 weeks pregnant

This exercise will strengthen your gluteal muscles, core and upper body.

• Start on all fours in tabletop and place the mini band around the souls of your feet.

• Extend your right leg straight and push into the resistance band with the soul of your foot.

• Bring it back to tabletop for 1 rep. Repeat for 1 minute and switch sides.

Side Plank Clam Shell with Mini Band

This exercise will strengthen your obliques and outer thighs. If you need to modify you can keep your hips on the mat.

• Start by placing the mini band around your legs and lie in a side plank position with your left forearm on the mat. Your knees are bent and toes pointed.

• Raise your hips off the mat into a side plank. At the same time, lift your top leg and press into the mini band. Lower your hips to the floor for for 1 rep.

• Repeat 16 times and switch sides.

Bridge with Mini Band and Weights

This is a great move to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings and upper body with the added weights and mini band.

• Place your mini band around your legs and start by lying on your mat with weights in hand and knees bent.

• Raise your hips off the mat into a bridge position and extend your arms straight for a chest press. Lower your glutes to the mat and arms to a goal post for one rep. Repeat for 2 minutes.

• For more challenge you can extend one leg straight and press out into the mini band.

Modified Standing Seat Work

All you need is a chair or tall countertop for these standing exercises. You will strengthen your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

• Start by placing the mini band around your ankles. You can either stand verticle or in a modified push-up position at your barre (or chair).

• Lift your left leg of the ground and push into your mini band so you feel your glutes engage.

• Tap your toes to the floor for 1 rep and repeat. Do this for 2-4 minutes on each side and repeat.

Narrow V with Mini Band

We use narrow V as a leg strengthening exercise at the barre to tone your outer thighs. You can do this with a chair or tall countertop.

• Start by placing the mini band around your legs. Put your hand on a stable surface. Press your heels together and lift your heels off the mat.

• Bend your knees and press your outer thighs into the strap and release for 1 rep.

• Do this for 2 minutes, rest and repeat.

Lunge with Mini Band

This is a great exercise to work your arms and legs together.

• Start by looping the mini band around your hands. Place your left leg forward and your right leg back.

• Bend your knees and lower down into a lunge position. At the same time press out into your mini band with with straight arms.

• Do 20 lunges on side 1 and repeat on the other side.


MOD Fitness

+Locally-owned barre fitness studio created by Marnie Duncan

+Winner of AFM’s Best Of Awards Six Years Running!

4406 Burnet Road

Phone: 512.765.5663 | Email: | Instagram @modfitness


1112 S. 8TH ST (Behind Odd Duck)

+ Interior design by Matt Tsang

+ Chic, upgraded space

+ 12-foot ceilings

+ Natural lighting

+ Shower

+ Childcare


+ MOD Barre Formats

+ MOD Cardio Formats

+ MOD Dance Cardio

+ MOD Mom + Baby Barre


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