The 2015 GYM GUIDE

By AFM Staff – February 1, 2015


Yesterday you said tomorrow…

You have a dream? Protect it. You want something? Go get it. Does something scare you? You’re on the right path. Kor180 believes in changing your body, changing your mind and inevitably inspiring your life. It’s not going to be easy. There’s no quick fix. It’s going to take hard work, passion, and determination.

With two fitness disciplines, Reform & Ryde, Kor180 has your strength and cardio training covered. Reform is not for the faint of heart, taking the foundational principles of Pilates and adding high-octane interval training. You’ll be using the proprietary and patent pending korFormer to bring you a workout that combines cardio, strength and stretching. This isn’t your momma’s Pilates class! If it’s challenging enough for pro athletes like J.J. Reddick, of the Los Angeles Clippers, then you know it’s going to make you sweat! Be ready for a series of high-intensity exercises designed to shock, exhaust and trigger muscle fatigue. You’ll burn 600-900 calories in a session.

Kor180 believes how you Ryde is how you live! So why not Ryde…Inspired! Set an intention, clip in and climb your way to the top. Get ready for a real Ryde with rockin music, inspirational instructors and power training. Gone are the days of spinning out of control with no resistance on that fly-wheel. Push ups and weights? Save that for the Reform studio. Their training methodology is about pushing your Watts to maximize calorie burn. No weights, no push-ups, no bull! Kor180 is the only studio in Austin combining cycling with reformer-based Pilates. Get ready to burn 900-1200 calories in their Extreme class.

Inspired living goes beyond six-pack abs and skinny jeans. It’s difficult finding balance, which is why they take a multi-pillar approach, incorporating exercise, nutrition & community. Community events have taken clients to Costa Rica for yoga & surfing and Park City for a snowboarding & korKitchen series featuring their in-house Culinary Ninja, Tanner O’Dell.

Kor180 gives you a physical space for the best workout of your life, information leading to a healthier you and a community of like-minded people.

Castle Hill Fitness

(as it’s named by the locals) is a casual, funky, and fun health and wellness center located in the heart of downtown Austin. While a lot might be changing in Austin since Castle Hill opened its doors 12 years ago, our mission and core values have not. They drive every piece of our operation:

1. PROVIDE a welcoming environment for the Austin community to improve their overall health. From the smiling faces at the door to fully stocked props closets in one of our 7 classroom studios, we want you to get your workout on and be well equipped for it.

2. EDUCATE our clients that overall health is more than just a fitness goal – it's about community, variety, refueling, recovering, and challenging your mind and body. When you are here, you are family. And keeping our family members in really good health is important. With an onsite wellness spa providing Acupuncture, Rolfing, Massage, and Skin Care you will find some rest and recuperation for a tired body and mind. We donate time, space, and services to over 80 charitable organizations a year because giving feels good.

3. We EMPOWER our clients towards a greater quality of life with seasoned professionals, varied programs and disciplines, and conscious living principles all under one roof. We want you to find the best prescription for vitality for YOU. That means customized personal programs from a staff of 30 service providers, discovering one of our 100 different group class offerings per week, or learning how to create a lighter foot print on our Earth and our environment.

Pure Austin

You like a good workout. Being fit feels great. Going to a gym is likely a part of that. Often. Repeatedly. For years. Pure Austin was built on the idea that ‘going to the gym’ should be fun. Inspiring. Clean! A place where you meet your friends, where the employees know your name, where people are happy to be there. These were the founding tenets of Pure Austin Fitness.

It’s hard to say the word ‘gym’ without wincing. The word ‘gym’ brings to mind the hum of treadmills, random one-dimensional weight machines, low ceilings and bad lighting. But this locally owned gym was built with the idea that people should gather to celebrate healthy lifestyles day after day. Where going to the gym can be ‘cool’. A gym where professionals who are passionate about fitness could find long-term jobs where they are valued for their expertise. A gym that was in stark contrast to what most people think of when you say “gym”. Pure Austin is a full fitness experience.

Since opening 15 years ago, Pure Austin has grown to three locations. One at 5th and Lamar, one on Braker Lane, and most recently, the “Pure Austin Speedshop” on Pressler Ave. Pure Austin has won “Best Gym” or “Best Local Gym” in Austin every year since Austin Fit Magazine began the “Best of” Awards. This year the Huffington Post and Self Magazine recognized it as the “Top Gym in the Nation”. The awards and national recognition over the years has been plentiful. Every year, the degreed Coaches, Nutritionists, and Instructors amass numerous awards as well.

In addition to the professional staff and the breathtaking facilities that include a heated pool and it’s own private lake for paddleboarding and swimming, what really sets Pure Austin apart is the local flavor and love for all things Austin. Austin is friendly, Austin is fun, and Austin is always changing. Pure Austin is not just a place to workout, but it’s a place to meet your friends and make new ones. If Pure Austin was a matchmaker, it would have it’s own reality TV show.

Pure Austin is a gym that bucks the usual gym paradigm by being true to its initial goals – to provide active people a unique, and sometimes quirky, inspiring place to hang out. It’s Pure Austin.

Champions Westlake

Champions Westlake provides a boutique gymnastics, cheer, parkour, trampoline and adult fitness experience right in the heart of the Westlake Community. Our staff is dedicated to making your child feel like a Champion! From the youngest KidSpark preschool gymnastics classes to our oldest competitive gymnastics teams and adult fitness programs, we strive to motivate and build confidence every step of the way.

The KidSpark program at Champions Westlake for ages 16 months to 5 years is the foundational gymnastics program for our future athletes. Our goal is to spark your child’s passion for physical activity by offering a wide range of fun and exciting equipment to safely learn gymnastics skills and body control.    

Our Parent/Tot classes for 16-36 month-olds offer parents and kids the opportunity to interact in fun, coach-supervised activities designed to strengthen your child and socialize them with other students. In our 3-5 year-old classes, students work with the coaches to gain confidence and learn forward rolls and front supports on the bar as well as pike, straddle and tuck jumps.


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