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The Skinny on Compression Wear

We decided to filter through the hype of compression wear claims—from improved power and performance to quicker recovery times. Here’s what we found.

Part I: CBC, RBC, and PLT Knowing the Basics of a Blood Lab

Devotion (to Fitness) Made All the Difference

After already traveling down one of the worst roads possible together, this couple continues to stand by each other’s side.

Bumping It Up

These women didn’t let their pregnant bellies get in the way of their workouts.

Running Out of Breath: My Battle with Adrenal Fatigue

A stressful lifestyle has a way of catching up to you. I know that better than ever now.

Off-Season Insights from an Ironman Racer

Taking a step back to assess your training and racing regimen can put you a step ahead of this season’s competition.

Dose of Daily Optimism Leads to Healthier Hearts

An Avocado a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

How to Coach and Be Coached

Understanding how you best give and take advice is the first step to improving performance.

Never Miss a Beat

Headphones that don't fall out

Engage the Lower Body to Enhance Upper Body Stability

This month, Diane Vives is at Of the Lion Fitness in North Austin with Head Boot Camp Trainer Courtney Carlisle, who is demonstrating the movements. This series of exercises is designed to focus on improving and strengthening shoulder stability to help those with shoulder weakness progress toward more dynamic movements.

FAQ - February 2015

Do a Freestyle Flip Turn

Leaving a Mark at Zilker Park

The days were cold. The course, extremely muddy. The obstacles, more than plenty. But the cyclocross racers—well, they were born ready.

The 2015 GYM GUIDE

Stick to that New Year’s resolution you set in January. These gyms are here to help energize and motivate you to strive for, attain, and become the best version of yourself you can be.

How to Overcome Addictive Patterns

Discover! - The Goodwater Loop at Lake Georgetown

Take on the challenge of this technical trail 40 minutes from Austin.

Your Shoulder Was Designed to Fail

What's In Your Bag?

Q&A with personal trainer and co-owner of Austin Simply Fit, Krista Bergeron

E-reader Before Bed Makes for a Morning Sleepyhead

Swiss Chard Fritatta

Never Letting Go

Holding on and finishing what you started is a way of life for Angels closing pitcher, Huston Street

Are you Really Hungry?

New to Austin: February 2015

Studios and stores for fitness-minded folks

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