Dressing Dudes for Valentine’s Day

By Michelle Suggs – February 1, 2014
Photography by Tea Eiland

Valentine’s Day might not be anything more than date night on steroids, and one of the last things fellows may be concerned with is assembling a romantic outfit. Between setting up a reservation and making sure to grab the freshest flowers, the tendency might be to just throw on go-to evening wear.  

This year, put your Valentine’s Day ensemble somewhere at the top of the list, because—let’s face it—we all love a sharp-dressed man. Spicing up your outfit may spice up other things on date night. Here are a few interesting tips to consider for adding a little spirit to your ensemble.

Denim-DarkMake Your Denim Dark

Dark denim is key for an outfit that can play either casual or dressy. A simple pair of jeans can say, “I care (but not too much),” while the darkness of the wash can almost appear to be a dress pant. If they’re skinny, roll them up once to reveal any fashion statement on the ankles.


Don't-Knock-the-SockDon’t Knock the Sock

The sock game is rising in the fashion world and, with multiple colors and patterns, options can seem never ending. What people don’t realize is that those socks can be seen, so why not dress them up? If you’re not sure of where to add color in your attire, try to display a V-Day inspired pattern on your feet.


Texture-Feels-GoodTexture Feels Good

If you plan on wearing a suit or dinner jacket, texture is the way to go. Tweed, cotton, wool, and velvet are all fun ways to incorporate a different look to your ensemble. This is also a great opportunity to play with color. Wearing a light blue Oxford button-up shirt? Try pairing it with a brown tweed jacket for a color and texture complement. That play on texture also gives your date a chance to feel what you’re wearing.


Sweater Weather

A sweater is ideal for any casual look. A simple V-neck knit can be worn solo (with or without a dinner jacket) or with a button-up shirt and tie. Chunky knit sweaters are also popular and come in a variety of patterns. Try a pullover or, if you want to show off your top, go for a cardigan. Any of these options can be paired with a jean or dress pant. 


BowtieTie It Up

A necktie is a perfect finish for any outfit, no matter the occasion. Feeling fun and adventurous? Go for a unique bowtie flourished in red hearts. Slim, fit guys should go with a skinny tie, perhaps in a bold color. If you’re suiting it up with a lot of layers, use a traditional necktie, in your choice of color and pattern.

If you need help with knotting your own necktie or bow tie, visit http://tie-a-tie.net/fourinhand.html for easy-to-follow written and video instructions from tie-a-tie.net. This link will show you how to tie a four-in-hand knot, which is slightly asymmetrical and works well with wide, heavy neckties. 



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