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Learning the Proper Basics of Kettlebell Training

The kettlebell is a simple form of weightlifting that develops power endurance.

What You May Not Know About Your Skin

Learning about the world's largest organ.

Ten Tips for Raising Nutrition-Smart Kids

Parents play a big role in developing healthy eating habits.

Skating South and Finding Fans

The Texas Stars of the American Hockey League are gaining support in Central Texas.

Snowy Summer Racing in the High Sierras

Taking a look back at what may be the toughest Ironman race ever.

Getting Fit for Powder

Hit the slopes with success by incorporating these workouts.

Fit Set Circuits—Momentum You Can Build

Add combination movements to your core routine for increased intensity.

Does Your Workout Routine Cross the Line?

The division between intense training and exercise addiction can be blurry.

Alexis DeJoria: Living life to the fullest in the fast lane

Alexis DeJoria has been passionate about racing cars since she was 16.

Love is a Contact Sport

Dial up the romance with these gifts for him and her.

Escaping the Texas Winter

Find the mountain that fits your getaway mood.

Yolanda Porter Goes From Sinker to Swimmer to Masters Meet Medal Winner

Triathlete Yolanda Porter discusses how she worked to overcome her fear of drowning.

AFMDC January Recap

Erik Stanley, Stefanie Slekis battle wind and cold to win Rogue 30K.

Growing, Changing, and Learning to be Healthy

Encourage an active lifestyle for your children.

A Little - or A Lot - of Change Can Do You Good

Austinites transformed by fitness.

The City of Austin: A Healthy Transformation

A look at how Austin stays fit.

Ten Foods to Help with Romance

What your diet can do to put you in the mood for love.

Forging Fitness from Adversity

Max Cardenas overcomes the odds for health.

Signing up for the 2014 AFM FITTEST

Here's a look at a few of the first Austinites to sign up for the 2014 AFM FITTEST.

The Pulse: February 2014

Keeping fitness fun.

Dressing Dudes for Valentine’s Day

How to look your best on the most romantic date night of the year.

Recipes from AFM Readers

Three healthy options with great taste.

FAQ: Guidance for working out your healthy conundrums

Guidance for working out your healthy conundrums.

Are Custom Orthotics Right For You?

What should you consider when exploring shoe insert options?

Moe Johnson is Racing for Keeps

Moe's Better Half Marathon celebrates 30 years.

Growing from Sinker to Swimmer

One swimmer conquers childhood fears to become an athlete.

Fit Finds: Spice Up Your Bedroom

Make your bedroom a place for romance.

Constructing Your Dream Season

How to be your own general contractor.

Runners, Students, and Texas Trails

Local exchange organization introduces foreign students to Hill Country running.

Hitting Historic Hyde Park for a Run

MapMyFitness ambassador Jake Morse isn't just a cyclist; he's a runner, too. Try out his favored short, central route through historic Hyde Park.

Surviving a Heart Attack and Transforming Health

Q&A with Jennie Stewart