What’s New in the AFM FITTEST

By Devyn Bernal – February 7, 2013
Brian Fitzsimmons

Improved team division brings four times the fun

Preparation for AFM FITTEST has begun, and this year promises to be even bigger and better. As individuals all over Austin hit the gyms to get ready for June’s competition, groups are also forming for the AFM FITTEST’s Team Competition. On Saturday, June 15, teams will compete in the same ten professionally designed fitness tests (plus two mystery tests) as the individual athletes. It’s the same course as in our inaugural bout in 2012, full of clearly measurable and competently judged tests, which challenge speed, endurance, strength, and power. Last year, teams were made up of ten members, with no more than six of the members being male, each of whom performed only one of the ten tests. This year, the teams will consist of four total members, and each competitor will perform three of the 12 total tests (that’s the ten events plus two mystery tests). Neither gender nor age is a factor in team membership; all folks aged 18 and older are welcome to participate on a team. AFM’s COO Alex Earle said the change is intended to provide a more accessible route to gather a team. “With a smaller team, it just might be easier to strategize better in order to win the competition,” Earle stated. It is also a way to involve more in the community in identifying and improving their fitness levels, especially those who might find undertaking all 12 tests in the individual competition intimidating.

Though on the same day as the Individual Competition, the Team Competition will be held separately so that those who wish to be part of the Individual Competition can still do so. During the event, fellow team members can follow along and cheer on their partners as they move through the assigned tests, which creates a fun and exciting atmosphere. The team’s score will be tabulated by a compilation of each member’s rank based on his or her raw score for that event. The team with the best overall score will be featured in Austin Fit Magazine’s August 2013 issue in the “10 Fittest” coverage as well as receive prizes and bragging rights as the “Fittest Team in Austin.” Last year’s Team Competition winner, Dane’s Body Shop, plans to defend its title again this spring. “Our strategy will be to place the right people in the right place,” said General Manager Leann Rominger, “and, of course, begin training earlier.”

Registration is open and can be completed at afmfittest.com. While you’re on the website, check out the protocol for each test in addition to video footage and commentary by test creator Diana Vives. Continue to watch afmfittest.com to see new information about upcoming events, especially for workshops to help prepare your team. Since there are a limited number of spots, get your team together quickly in order to guarantee your space. And be sure to pick up March’s issue of Austin Fit Magazine (sneak peek at the new awards, anyone?) as well as following months for exclusive information on AFM’s FITTEST competition.


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