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Slower-Than-Usual Swimming

Heeding anomalies in the lap lane

Finding My Passion Again

A story of how an athlete fell in love with running again.

Minimalist Shoes

The new type of lightweight shoe for runners.

Men's Shaving

AFM spoke with Debbie Vidotto, owner and barber at The Good Life Barber Shop about how to put your best face forward.

Heart of the Family - Mom’s fitness example adapts and inspires

A mom adapts her workouts to meet the needs of raising her children.

Exercise and Conception

How weight, nutrition, and fitness can affect a person's fertility

The Passion List

Find what pushes you to win and achieve

Training for the AFM FITTEST: My Pitiful Pull-Ups

Training for the AFM Fittest and overcoming the pull-up.

For Life, Love, and Sport

Husband and wife excel at fitness and nutrition together

A Breed Apart

The difference between races here and races in Europe.

Moving Together

Using a partner doubles the fitness pleasure.

Mindful Eating - Overeating may lead to underperforming

Why exercise doesn't mean you can eat as much as you want.

Austin’s Golden Gloves: Amateur Boxers Find Themselves in the Ring

Amateur boxers get the opportunity to show their talent in Austin's Golden Gloves.

The Pulse: February 2013

The culture behind the fitness scene in Austin.

Fitness + Passion = Love: Austin’s fitness power couples have the whole package

Some of the fittest couples in Austin.

Overcoming Osteoarthritis

Dealing with osteoarthritis when trying to work out

John Conley and David Grice Shaping Austin's Running Landscape

Racing is their Life: John Conley and David Grice shape road racing in Austin.

Training Wheels Facing fear, no matter your size

Helping a child overcome developmental obstacles.

Beef Stew

A healthy, delicious stew to keep you warm.

It’s No Waltz Across Texas

Follow the 230 mile run across east Texas in the Napoleon Ultra.

Finds to Aid the Valentine’s Romance

Get the perfect products to make Valentine's Day this year perfect.

What’s New in the AFM FITTEST

AFM checks in with preparations for 2013 AFM Fittest.

By the Numbers February 2013

Fun facts about Valentine's day, fitness, and the month of February.

Healthy Choices and Cancer - Good nutrition plays an important role in cancer prevention and treatment

What nutrition can give for those living with cancer.

Love Hurts

The scars from running can be worth it for the love.

Passion - An elixir for living

What it takes to be a successful athlete.

Flying High with the AFM Distance Challenge

A new award in the AFMDC Distance challenge recognizes improvement.