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By Lou Earle – February 17, 2012

Amazing but true…Austin Fit Magazine is now 15 years old and by company standards, we are just a teenager. While we have come a very long way, we still have a lot to learn and a great deal more to achieve. Not so long ago, fitness was a niche market with only the elite athletes and hobbyists paying much attention to our tome. But as time has passed, while we have grown and adapted, our environment has also changed. We are now solidly in the mainstream of Austin living—where we want to be.

The reality is that health and fitness have become a real priority for many of us, Our whole society is beginning to learn that each of us is part of a critical health ecosystem. Our challenge is not only to navigate this environment to optimize our own personal health and fitness, but also to help change the system itself to support healthier lifestyles for everyone.

At AFM, our place in this ecosystem is clear. Our mission is to help everyone live healthier, more fit lives by providing entertaining, relevant, and valuable information to our readers. We are passionate about this goal and we want to help drive this change in our society in every way we can!

Our cover and feature this month reflect our continued commitment to broaden our reach to include all those who can benefit from living healthy lives. Luci Baines Johnson epitomizes a family who has made a huge difference in the very fabric of Austin’s lifestyle. Our beloved Roy and Ann Butler Hike and Bike Trail has become a mecca for everyone who appreciates natural beauty and being active. Not only does Luci continue to be a driving force in the Trail Foundation’s efforts to complete the trail, she also focuses her time, talent, and treasure on producing the annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour, a wonderful family event now in its fifth year that gets everyone out and peddling.

When Luci talks about health and fitness, she talks about family, and that is a message for us all. The gift of good health has no age, and a healthy lifestyle should be shared with every generation. So to kick off our focus on bringing health and fitness to the masses, we are honored to grace our cover with Luci, her daughter, Nicole, and granddaughter, Claudia–three generations of fitness from a family that continues to make a real difference in Austin’s health ecosystem.

It’s not easy to be something for everyone, but everyone has a right to be healthy and fit. At AFM, we are dedicated to bringing that lifestyle message to you, whether you are an elite athlete or a beginner, a senior or a tween, you’re all part of the generations that are changing our health ecosystem and building a better future for our community.

Keep Austin Fit,

Lou Earle


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