Share Your Best Gym Stories!

By Kelsey – February 2, 2011

Besides being the obvious choice for fitness, the gym is a great place for people watching. Whether it’s the grunting, the adrenaline or the drive to prove that we’re more in shape than our neighbor on the elliptical, there’s just something about the gym that seems to bring out our primal instincts. And the characters are the same at every gym. Here are just a few:

  • The upper-body-strength obsessed: arms like Hercules, legs like Little Orphan Annie
  • The gear-obsessed goer: decked out in every iPod gym accessory known to man, leaves after about 3 reps
  • The talker: doesn’t matter how many times you point to your headphones, still have to hear about his latest surgery

The list goes on. These types can be annoying, but they can also make for some good stories. Share yours with us! We know you’ve got ’em. Fridays could use more laughs, right?

I’ll go first. I’m at the gym one day and in walks a man in full cowboy costume: black cowboy hat, boots and Wranglers. I expected him to change into something more forgiving, but he eased into the stationary bike and began to pedal. I couldn’t help but watch him the rest of my workout. He made it through 30 minutes on the machine without even taking off his hat. Impressive.

Share your funny gym stories with us! And try not to be too cruel… unless it’s really funny.

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