AFM’s 2022 Gift Guide

By AFM Team – December 1, 2022

Nuun Sport Hydration Tablets | $7.49

Nuun tablets.

Photo courtesy of Nuun

Drop a single Nuun tablet into your on-the-go bottle of water and reap the benefits of optimized electrolytes with low sugar. Nuun tablets are certified vegan, gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO. Give the gift of hydration this holiday season!

The Nordic Weight Bench | $239

The Nordic Bench.

Photo courtesy of The Tib Bar Guy

The Nordic Weight Bench is the first and only traditional weight bench / Nordic floor bench combo that provides an amazing all-in-one user experience at less than half the cost of purchasing a weight bench and Nordic floor bench separately. By combining a Nordic Floor Bench and traditional weight bench exercises, we are able to offer an incredibly compact, strong and affordable package that’s perfect for Knees Over Toes ATG workouts, home gyms, athletes, physical therapists and more. The Nordic Weight Bench was designed with the end user in mind; we set out to completely rethink how a traditional weight bench is manufactured. From the wider bottom support pad to allow for ample knee space for Nordic Curls, to the narrow upper support pad to allow for a full range of motion for all pressing exercises, our Nordic Weight Bench is exceptional in every way!

Atreyu Base Model | $85.00

Atreyu shoe.

Photo courtesy of Atreyu Running

The Base Model is Atreyu’s take on the classic lightweight running shoe. It features a sock-like upper with minimal overlays for added structure, a rebound-loaded eTPU sock liner and a supercritical EVA midsole that promotes ground feel and natural comfort. Atreyu is keeping things simple so you can focus on your goals with fewer distractions. Designed and tested in Austin, TX.

Theragun Prime | $198

Theragun Prime.

Photo courtesy of Theragun Prime

The Theragun Prime is an ergonomic percussive massage therapy device that gives your muscles a deep tissue treatment. Key features include 120-minute battery life, four easy-to-clean attachments and customizable speed. Prime’s durable motor allows for aggressive treatment in any environment keeping your muscles feeling great for your next workout.

Oura Ring | $349

Oura Ring.

Photo courtesy of Oura

Track sleep, readiness and activity with this wearable fitness tracking ring. With membership, you’ll also receive personalized recommendations, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen levels, and skin temperature readings for early sickness detection. This ring is equipped with a powerful battery with up to seven days of capacity and a full charge in as little as 20 minutes.

Apogee: A Mac Sisco Novel | $18

Apogee cover.

Photo courtesy of Lou Earle

An insidious conspiracy threatens the governance of nations worldwide. The evidence is subtle at first. As the layers are peeled back, however, a picture of politico-economic and social manipulation on an unimaginable scale begins to take shape. Ex-Navy Seal and NSA intelligence agent Mac Sisco is given limited resources and a seemingly impossible task: to strike a crippling blow before it’s too late. Can Team Apogee stem a tide of evil set in motion by a shadowy cabal that has been planning and executing its strategy for over half a century? This book is by AFM publisher, Lou Earle.

Gardencup | $9.99-$11.99


Photo courtesy of Gardencup

Gardencup provides garden fresh salads delivered straight to your door! Every gardencup is made fresh to order right before it ships out the very same day. Your produce is sourced as close to harvest as possible and receives almost all of it fresh the very same day it goes into your gardencups.

Spibelt – Reflective Running Belt | $32.99


Made right here in Austin, the reflective running belt is a large pocket SPIbelt with a reflective pocket and logo on the elastic waistband. This will increase visibility and safety in the dusk and dark. Stay safe while you’re out on a run or walking the dog! The reflective SPIbelt is perfect for holding your smartphone as well as keys, ID, headphones, cash, credit cards or even a passport.

HIT Athletic – 4 & 8 Class Package | $77.00 & $125.00

Photography credit to Brian Fitzsimmons

Give the gift of HIT Athletic classes this holiday season! Their group fitness classes are designed to provide beginners and experts alike with dynamic opportunities to advance skills and boost performance levels. Their training center features the most diverse class schedule in the area! HIT Athletic is offering 20% off their 4- and 8-class packages!

Ember Travel Mug2 | $199.95

Photo courtesy of Ember

The Ember mug lets you set the perfect temperature for any hot beverage while you’re on the go and keeps it there for up to three hours with an efficient built-in battery. Select your temperature directly on the mug from 120 F to 145 F, and rest easy knowing the mug comes with an automatic sleep sensor that senses when to turn off.


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