Bevo XV

By Devyn Bernal – December 1, 2016
Photography by Weston Carls

In the land of Longhorns, Bevo XV rests comfortably at the end of his first regular season as the famous mascot for The University of Texas at Austin. Even an opponent against the Longhorn football program would be unable to ignore the majestic and powerful stance Bevo holds. And not just because he is the 15th steer to represent UT as its mascot and celebrate the position’s 100th anniversary, but because Bevo XV begins his reign with a Grand Champion Show Steer title under his belt (or rather, his halter). At only 19 months old, this five-star recruit has a Texas-sized career in front of him. 

“I like this idea of Longhorn fans being able to watch him grow,” says Executive Director of the Silver Spurs Alumni Association, Ricky Brennes. “He’s now a part of tradition, and family.”

Since 1916, UT Austin has declared a prized steer as their beloved mascot to watch over the Longhorn students, players, and fans. Contrary to Aggies’ belief, Bevo’s name derived from the plural word for ‘bovine,’ and a journalist for UT Austin’s alumni magazine, The Alcalde, added the ‘o.’ Since then, Bevo has strived to become the most charitable mascot in the nation by raising contributions for the Neighborhood Longhorns Program (NLP), an incentive-based learning program that helps 5,000 economically disadvantaged youths build strong academic futures. None of this would be possible without the Silver Spurs, the honorary organization of undergraduate students who care for Bevo during his transportation and event appearances. 

“It’s probably the biggest honor I’ve had in my life, representing the university and being involved with the Texas Longhorn tradition, I mean this is the Texas Longhorn,” says Jake Horowitz, senior accounting major and one of four Silver Spurs handlers. Peter Thompson, a fellow handler and senior economics major, agrees. “Its unique—we’re operating as the face of Silver Spurs, and next to the face of UT Austin.” Just don’t stand too close to get your foot stomped on or shirt accidentally torn.

 Bevo XV has a path of true legends to follow, but with his first season behind him, he’s already accustomed to the love and adoration of the exuberant Longhorn Network. As long as safety criteria permits, he attends all home games and several road games, plus every bowl game. Against urban myth, this beloved mascot is never drugged, but is instead docile by nature and experienced with long periods of travel by trailer and standing in front of large, loud crowds. And in case you wondering how he maintains such an impressive physique, Bevo XV consumes nearly 40 pounds of feed every day. With a larger than life support system, and the Silver Spurs always watching over him, may Bevo XV have a long, healthy, (and maybe even a championship-laden) life.


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