FAQ December 2015: Your Health and Fitness Questions, Our Answers

By AFM Staff – December 1, 2015

Is running with music beneficial?

For one, who doesn’t like to get lost in the lyrics of a great power ballad? Aside from the fact that music often distracts you from bodily awareness (aka pain), there are plenty more reasons to workout while listening to some Jock Jams. Music stimulates the motor area of the brain, and helps you keep rhythm or pace to whatever exercise you’re doing. Research also has shown that it has the power to change your mood—it’s a gateway to escape the negativity, and power through your workout. With the right kind of music (think: less Adele, more Calvin Harris), your brain  gets excited and puts you in the mood to move. In short, your playlist has the ability to get you going, regardless of how much you're dreading that workout.


I have been interested in trying CrossFit for a while. What should I know or expect before taking the plunge?

Like many workouts, CrossFit is as easy or as challenging as you want to make it. It’s definitely a rigorous workout, but the movements and exercises are scalable. If you’re feeling intimidated about trying something new or joining a new group, that’s normal. Expect that feeling to quickly dissipate, as CrossFit has a strong emphasis on community building. No matter what box you join, members will make it a point to be friendly and welcoming (because everyone was once in your shoes, too). 

As for the workouts, CrossFit goes by WODs (workout of the day). If you think variety of the spice of life, you’ll be excited to experience a different WOD every time you show up. Expect to be surrounded by competitive people who come in and work to push the limits. Wear comfortable clothes and come in with a goal. Do you want to lose weight? Become stronger? Express your intentions to the coach so they can help you be successful.


Turkey, chicken or duck—which one is the healthiest option for holiday dinners?

If you’re looking to cut calories, turkey is the way to go. If you’re to pack on the protein, choose chicken. Duck is a flavorful option, probably because it has no white meat and it contains a little bit more fat than turkey and chicken. Turkey breast is a lean source of protein, but it has slightly more sugar in comparison. If you’re trying to please everyone, be adventurous and splurge on a turducken.



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