December 2015

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Change of Pace

How to transition from road to trail running

FAQ December 2015: Your Health and Fitness Questions, Our Answers

Healthy Bits December 2015: The Science Behind Health and Wellness

Prep for Ski Fun

Subscription Boxes

2015 AFM Best Of Awards

Our annual survey results are in! And now, we present to you the most popular people and places in Austin’s health and fitness community.

Taking the Fit Life on the Road

First Position

How professional dancers train for the iconic “Nutcracker”

Anatomy of a Pose: One Footed Pose

Healthy Holiday Hits

When it seems like all of your friends and family have varying dietary needs, prepare a holiday dish that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Lite Chicken Gumbo

The Freshman 15

Stocking Stuffers

New to Austin: December 2015

Studios and stores for fitness-minded folks

2015 AFM Best Of Editor's Picks

Discover Govalle Park and the South Walnut Creek Trail

Sleep Busters

Having trouble catching some Z’s at night? We like to keep active, but it’s important to be rested for each day. Here are a few tips from Dr. Dan Slaughter at Snoring Austin to ensure you’re getting the sleep your body deserves.

Winter Swimming

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