Workout of the Month: Laurie Christine King

By Laurie Christine King – December 1, 2020
Courtesy of Laurie Christine King.

30 Minute DB Workout

Our Paragon Quickie is a 30-minute program that requires just a few pairs of dumbbells. Enjoy! 

B-stance DB RDL

  • 3 x 8-15 per leg
  • Rest as needed between legs



This is a fun twist on a Romanian Deadlift. “B-Stance” simply means you’ll set up your feet so that the big toe of your back leg is even with the heel of your front leg. Balance can sometimes be an issue with single-leg work, so this stance provides a little extra support.

Roll your shoulder blades down and back, grab your weights and stand up, and then initiate the movement by sending the butt back (imagine you have your hands full of groceries and need to shut your car door — same movement!). 

Keep your hips square, back flat, and slowly descend with weights in hand. Feel a deep stretch in your hamstrings at the bottom, and then slowly ascend back up.

Superset x 2 Rounds

  • DB Thrusters x 12-15 reps (unbroken)
  • Directly into DB Front Squats x Max Reps unbroken
  • (No rest at top, same weight as thrusters)
  • Rest 2 minutes

Superset = no rest between movements. So you’ll perform 12-15 DB Thrusters and then start repping out the DB Front Squats.

A thruster is essentially a front squat + an overhead press. Rest the DBs on your shoulders, maintain a big, proud chest, and then squat low (hip crease should end below the knees). Then drive through your heels, explode up and drive the DBs overhead.

During the DB Front Squats, your feet should be just outside the shoulders and externally rotated out just slightly. Keep elbows up, chest up, and get low (you should be able to roll a marble from the knee cap down to your hip crease). Make sure to squeeze your butt each rep.

2 Rounds

  • DB Split Squats (no elevation) x 10-15 reps (right leg)
  • Tuck Crunches x max reps in 30 seconds
  • DB Split Squats (no elevation) x 10-15 reps (left leg)
  • Rest 2 minutes between rounds



Begin by stepping one leg in front. DBs will be in each hand. Make sure to roll shoulder blades down and back and engage the core. 

For today’s Split Squats, we want a 90-degree angle on the front knee so that we’re targeting the glutes (if you wanted to target quads, you could drive the knee and torso over the front ankle). Gently tap your knee to the floor and then drive through the heels and stand up.

Tuck Crunches are a core movement that will begin on the floor. Lay on your back in a hollow body position. The core will be engaged, arms will hover by your sides, and legs will be off the floor with your feet together. With control, bring your knees into the chest, and then return to the hollow position.

Once Tuck Crunches are completed, complete Split Squats on the other leg.

2 Rounds

  • Standing Deficit Calf Raises x difficult # of reps
  • Hollow Rocks x 10-15 reps
  • Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds

Find something to stand on so that your heels can hang off the edge (curb, the edge of a fireplace, stairs, a thick barbell plate). Come up onto toes, flex your calves, and then drop the heels. 

Once Calf Raises are completed, return to a hollow body position on the floor, this time with arms overhead by the ears. Create a little momentum and begin rocking. During Hollow Rocks, feet should be together, hips tucked under, core engaged and butt squeezed, with arms touching ears during hollow rocks. If the rocking is too advanced, hit a static Hollow Hold for 20-30 seconds.

Bodyweight Workout (30 Minutes)

Walking Lunges

  • Complete as many Lunges as possible in 60 seconds 
  • Rest 2 minutes

Then complete 5 Rounds:

  • 30 seconds for max reps of Walking Lunges
  • 30 seconds rest


  • Frog Pumps x 20-50 reps (aiming for a deep burn in the glutes!)

If limited on space, you can complete the Lunges in place and simply alternate legs. We want a 90-degree angle on that front knee so we’re targeting the glutes (if you wish to target quads, drive torso/knee over the ankle and take bigger/longer steps). Place hands on the hips, engage the core, and gently tap your knee to the floor with each lunge.

After your last set of Lunges, you’ll immediately perform the Frog Pumps.

For Frog Pumps, you’ll begin on the floor laying on your back. Bring heels together and butterfly the knees out to the sides. Drive hips towards the ceiling and squeeze the glutes before returning to the floor.

3 Rounds:

  • 30 seconds for max reps Sit-Ups
  • 30 seconds for max reps Box Jumps/Step-Ups
  • Rest 60 seconds

Similar to the Frog Pumps, bring heels together and butterfly the knees. Hands start overhead on the floor, sit up, and touch the floor in front of your feet before returning back to the floor for each rep of Sit-Ups.

Then find an elevated surface to jump or step-up onto (bench, couch, chair, box). If jumping, try to land with soft knees in a semi-squat, open your hips at the top, and then step down.

As Many Rounds as Possible in 3 Minutes

  • 8 V-Ups 
  • 6 Burpees
  • Rest 2 minutes after the first 3-minute period is up.
  • Then repeat a second 3-minute period of as many rounds as possible of V-Ups and Burpees.

For V-Ups, begin laying on your back with legs together, feet together and hands overhead. Fold in half and bring your hands and feet together to meet in the middle, then return to the floor. If the V-Up is too advanced, scale to the Tuck Crunch (hollow body position, hands by sides, bring knees to chest, return to hollow).

A Burpee is essentially a push-up followed by a leap in the air. During the push-up portion, the chest should make contact with the floor and elbows should be in by the sides. Once the push-up is complete, jump to your feet, place hands overhead, and jump high!

Bodyweight Deficit Calf Raises 

  • 2 x Tough # of Reps for You (10-20 rep range with pause/contract each rep)

Find something to stand on so that your heels can hang off the edge (curb, the edge of a fireplace, stairs, a thick barbell plate, etc). Come up onto toes, flex calves, and then drop the heels. 


Paragon programs are for those who want to build muscle, enhance their physique and look/feel damn good in 30-60 minutes. When you subscribe as a member, evidence-based workouts get delivered right to your smartphone. There are multiple programs to choose from, including several at-home, friendly programs.

Where to find Laurie:

IG: @lauriechristrineking, @paragontrainingmethods 


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