It’s a Management Problem

By Lou Earle – December 4, 2013

In business, there’s a common mantra when things don’t work out: “It’s a management problem.” Honestly, I would have to say that, for the most part, when you hear this accusation, it is probably true. In my experience, when people are sincerely committed to a goal, they generally try to achieve it. Obviously, their success is predicated upon a myriad of conditions, among them skill, capability, knowledge, experience, motivation, and last, but certainly not least, planning and oversight—otherwise known as management.

There is another oft-stated piece of business counsel: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” I would venture to say that this statement also holds a great deal of veracity. In most endeavors, measuring, monitoring, and tracking results are among the most crucial elements of understanding real outcomes. This reality manifests itself in the health and fitness world in spades. Have you heard about the medical counsel of “know your numbers”? How many of us really know the actual data from our annual physical and what the numbers mean? In managing our fitness, numbers play a huge role, from our personal best in the local 5K to the number of reps at the gym.

So, as obvious as these management elements are, why is it that so many don’t include them as a key part of their approach? In some cases, folks really don’t care or even want to know, but most of those who are committed and are making the effort do. One of the obstacles has been the difficulty of collecting and properly analyzing the data. But, with today’s technologies, primarily the Internet and the ubiquitous mobile communications and computing platform—otherwise known as the cell phone—this problem is on the retreat.

The final enhancement to managing one’s fitness comes with making that effort fun. In our non-stop world, keying in data—even our own—is not the most inspiring use of our time. Nor do we humans have the longest attention span, and most of us need a good reason to focus. Fun is the answer. New apps and devices are delivering all kinds of entertaining ways to engage in viewing, manipulating, and integrating one’s health and fitness data into everyday life. Results and analysis are automatic and immediate, and that is not only really helpful—it’s just cool. Management doesn’t have to be dull.

The two very talented entrepreneur/founders of Austin’s MapMyFitness are a wonderful example of how folks are delivering new and exciting tools to the fitness industry that provide real value. They are truly changing the paradigm of managing fitness, and we are delighted to have them tell their story. So, read on and see how once again, Austin really delivers!

Keep Austin Fit,
Lou Earle, Publisher, CEO



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