Working Out…At the Airport?

By Sarah – December 30, 2011

As the holidays draw nearer many of us will be boarding those big, silver birds and jetting off to visit family, friends or simply just to get away for a while. While flying can be fun, it can also really screw up a workout schedule (especially if you’re training for an upcoming race). Now before you try to convince yourself that running to catch your flight or lifting your bag into the overhead compartment counts as “exercise”, you might want to check out this website: The site was created by triathlete Kevin Gillotti in hopes of providing travelers with a list of workout facilities near and even IN airports across the US and Canada. Many of the gyms listed on the site are short cab rides away from the major terminals, while others are merely a few steps. The site also provides gym information such as cost, proximity and a map of it’s location. Some airports are now even offering their own gyms so you don’t even have to leave the building, such as McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Mike Michno, co-owner of Airport Fitness in Pittsburgh, says that he plans to open a nationwide chain of airport health clubs that will offer memberships to travelers. Two of these health clubs are already in the works (Philly and Atlanta) with 4 more set to open in the next 5 years. So there goes any excuse for missing a workout while you’re traveling, and forget being “bored” during long layovers! Hopefully these airport gyms really “take off”, I think they sound like a great idea!


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