Stretching Mo’s Workout Flow

By Monica Brant – December 30, 2011

My training schedule usually calls for a very intense shoulder workout prior to doing my KMB feature, so I had trained alongside some clients at the track that morning not knowing what was in store for me later at Black Swan Yoga.

After that hard morning workout and a good meal, I picked up a friend and drove to Lululemon to pick out the best yoga outfit ever. I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate outfit! After selecting new yoga capris (they help whisk away sweat from the waistline) and a new extra-support tank, I was given the newest and greatest yoga mat (The Mat) to try as well. I am told this mat helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi (eeewwwww) and is super grippy—ideal for the Power Yoga class I was going to attend.

When I arrived I was introduced to Leigh Fisher, the instructor. I immediately noted how clean and open the new location is; it’s definitely an inviting place! Leigh informed me I would be up front, and the class soon began with some basic movements. Thankfully I had learned the basic vinyasa yoga during a previous KMB, so I was able to do the flow, and Leigh asked us to do this A LOT! While I like this flow sequence and have done it on my own quite a bit to warm-up prior to other workouts, it was all I knew about yoga!!

As Leigh progressed through the workout, she asked the class to raise the bar as she brilliantly led us through the sequences and poses. I was happy to have a talented attendee next to me who I could follow, as I couldn’t always look up at Leigh for instruction. As the class advanced, the energy went from quiet and reserved to fun and vivid, coming back full circle at the end. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Power Yoga class. Leigh was motivating and inspiring; she kept the session fun and to the point. I would recommend attending a class here with Leigh to anyone! All of the instructors are paid solely by donations from attending customers, and there appear to be plenty of classes at all levels.

When I left, my entire body was tired but I also felt refreshed and loose! It was challenging and fun all at once. I have a new respect for yoga and will try to return occasionally to stretch my abilities. Thanks to Black Swan for the refreshing class!

Special thanks to Lululemon on 6th & Lamar for the yoga outfit and mat and to Hair Goddess ( for the hair design!


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