August 2017

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Austin’s Golden Girls: Christie Tracy and Carolyn Defoore

Get into Gear

Beat the Heat

The local swimming holes aren’t the only places to cool down this summer.

Discover: Summer Skewers

Add a twist to your summer grilling technique.

AFM Hacks: Produce Picking

2017 AFM FITTEST Winners

6 Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Cycling Class

Work Hard, Play Hard

What does a balanced life actually look like?

New to Austin: August 2017

The 100-Mile Remodel

An endurance athlete likens her home remodel to the Western States 100.

Medical FAQ: Don’t Let it Go to Your Head

Did a headache blow your mind? Have you postponed a list of things to do because a migraine decided to strike? AFM looked to Austin Precision Pain Consultants and Austin Migraine Relief to learn more about this mysterious pain, and how it can be eased. Grab a tall glass of water and read below, if your brain is feeling up to it.

FML Workout: Kickass Kettlebell Flow

Grilled Quail with Sauteed Spinach

Want to take your grill game to the next level? Try this quail recipe from one of Austin's favorite restaurants.

Keeping Up in the Kitchen

The old adage says to never trust a skinny chef, and by our measure, we think your best bet is a fit chef.

Bittersweet Breakthroughs

Fitness Party Tricks

Sometimes you go out to the bars, and leave feeling like your world turned upside-down. Or maybe you get so wild that you need a friend (or two) to lean on. These acro yogis know how to redefine party tricks—and have a good time doing it.

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