Summer Makeup Tricks

By Michelle Suggs – August 1, 2013
Photo by Tea Eiland

With 100-degree weather in Austin, it’s easy to feel apprehensive about looking your absolute best in any outdoor social situation—or even indoor, for that matter. As much as we’d like to simply toss that hair back in a ponytail and slide on some running shorts and flip flops, there are days and occasions where it’s just not possible. Don’t let the Texas heat intimidate you; smudged eye shadow, flakey lipstick, or running foundation that ultimately ends up on a tissue are not a foregone conclusion. Believe it or not, your look can survive the summer. Say goodbye to melting makeup with these six simple tips that will help you look your summer best.

Ice facial

 Giving yourself an ice facial may sound bizarre, but this simple trick not only beats the summer heat but also helps with the makeup application process. Ice has the ability to mattify and tighten skin and also helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Simply wrap an ice cube in a paper towel or plastic bag (direct application of ice to skin could cause blood vessels to break) and massage your face and neck until the ice cube melts.

Soft Lips 

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay hydrated, and your lips don’t lie. Soften them up by using a sugar scrub, baby toothbrush, or washcloth to do away with the flaky skin. Afterward, apply a conditioning lip balm (and a primer if you choose to); let that sink in before applying a lip color.

Moisturize and prime

After cleansing your face, it is important to moisturize, and, with the Texas sun, a moisturizer with sunscreen is the best choice. Apply a thin layer all over the face and neck for the best protection. Let the moisturizer seep into the skin before applying a primer. Primers are key when it comes to having foundation last all day. If you have oily skin, choose a mattifying primer that will minimize the amount of oil your skin produces. If you have dry skin, use a hydrating primer that contains illuminating powers to give your skin a dewy glow.


Contrary to what many people may think, liquid foundation is the best choice when it comes to a long-lasting, beautiful look. With proper primer and application, your makeup will last all day. Use a flat top brush; spray it lightly with either water or a fix spray (MAC Studio Fix +, $31) and dab it in the foundation. Tap and blend the foundation from the nose outward, to the edge of the face.

Use color

Bright and bold colors are this summer’s trends in fashion; why not apply that to makeup? Try a bright coral lipstick, such as MAC’s Vegasvolt, or, if lipstick is too thick for the heat, experiment with a hydrating lip balm from Sonia Kashuk. You can also keep the lips natural and apply a bold, colored shadow underneath your lower lash line.


Another trick to keep your makeup from disappearing is to apply a translucent finishing powder all over the face, including the eyes (try Make Up Forever—HD Microfinish Powder, $16–$34). This will keep your makeup set in place, reducing the risk of smudging and creasing. Use a large, fluffy brush and set it into a generous amount of powder. Shake off the excess and tap all over the face for a long-lasting finish.


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