Mo Bests a BEAST of a Workout

By Monica Brant – August 7, 2012

I was prepping for the biggest race of my adult life, the 400 meter Master’s Invitational Women’s event at the United States Olympic Trials, so I asked highly decorated athlete and educated trainer Chad Leath to help me with some workouts to make sure I was ready. I knew Chad would be able to help me with this goal as he has numerous credentials as a track athlete and a strong success record with a variety of athletes as a coach. Since I was spending so much time working with Chad, it seemed natural to do a Kick Mo’s Butt feature with him and his team at BEAST Performance LLC as well.

The KMB workout fell so close to the event that we decided to include some of the actual drills Chad has been using to better my sprinting technique. It’s amazing how many things go into sprinting technique! Speed is definitely a factor, and form can make or break a time and placement; I’m also learning how important the warm-up portion is and how hard it is to do correctly. If these can all be perfected, my speed and sprinting will definitely improve.

From the warm up to the finish, Chad worked diligently to make sure I used the best form possible and that I had enough recovery before moving on to the next exercise. As a person who learns well visually, I asked Chad to perform the exercise a few times so that I could see him model the form and power it took to execute the movement. Thankfully, Chad is not only a good instructor but also a conditioned athlete as well.

That afternoon, the blazing sun brought the temperature close to 100 degrees. Even so, I went through all the exercises he had lined up for me. The exercises were fun and there was so much variety, which is exactly what I like in a workout. I believe my favorite section was Plyometric, as I do love to jump. I felt great after the shoot, so good that Chad actually put me through a track workout following!

Since the KMB feature, Chad has programmed a routine for me that will encompass my training on the track and in the gym with weights. I have enjoyed these workouts tremendously and will be training with Chad for the Masters Outdoor Nationals, which are coming up at the beginning of August in Chicago.

Seeing as Chad is my trainer, I’d obviously recommend him and his team at BEAST Performance LLC to all who are looking to bump up their fitness levels and get THEIR butts kicked, just as I did mine!

provided by BEAST Performance LLC with Chad Leath
100 E Whitestone Blvd. Suite 148
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Warm up: 
Lunge Complex
Straight Leg Marches
Sprinter Skips
Single Leg Cycles

Hip Hop Directionals 6 x 5 yards

Alternating Bounds 2 x 30 yards
Single Leg Bounds 2 x 30 yards, each leg
2-1 Bounds
1-2 Bounds

Resisted Sprints:
Band Sprints 2 x 20 yards
Band Crossovers 4 x 20 yards
Band Backpedals 2 x 20 yards

Turkish Get-Up Complex:
3 sets of 5 Sit-Ups/16 Farmer’s Lunge/10 Kettlebell (KB) swings

Core Work:
Medicine Ball Plank Reach 2 x 10, each side
Knee to Elbow Side Plank 2 x 10, each side
Medicine Ball Glute Ham 2 x 10

25 Up/Downs with 5 big waves on each Up/Down

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