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By Contributor – August 7, 2012

Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray

Available at:Highmark Kennel, 10210 Circle Drive, Austin, TX 78736 and online at

Product Cost: $18

Believe it or not, dogs (and horses) need sunscreen, too. Fair-skinned and hairless dogs may seem obvious candidates for sun protection, but if you’ve shaved your dog down for the summer, that tender, exposed skin needs help. And some breeds, such as boxers, Weimaramers, and poodles (to mention a few) are prone to skin tumors. Human sunscreen is not suitable for pets and this vet-created product is the only FDA-approved sunscreen for dogs. You apply the sunscreen to your pet’s muzzle, around the eyes, chest, “arm pits,” and groin area where the fur is thin.

What makes it cool:
Of course, this doggie sunscreen is completely “lickable” once applied.

Women’s Ice Tee

Available at:

Product Cost: $60

Anybody who’s ever done a long run in the Texas heat knows the benefit of sticking some ice under the hat or in a running bra. Native Texans and UT grads Emily Thawley and Megan Matza wanted something better, so they invented Ice Tee, a line of cooling shirts which have ice packs built into the collar, spine, and armpits (men’s shirt only). The new women’s Ice Tee is comfortably constructed, though the weight at the neck takes a little getting used to while the strip on the spine is barely noticeable. The ice packs are easily removed and refrozen, and the shirt washes just like other workout clothes. Even when the packs feel fairly warm to the fingers, they still give a cool jolt to the neck and spine.

What makes it cool:
This is a wonderful post-run bit of recovery equipment. Place the shirt in a cooler (or the optional carrying case) with a Ziploc bag of wet, scented washcloths packed in ice. After a long run, strip off the sweaty stuff, wipe down with the cold washcloths, and then slip on the Ice Tee. The only thing more refreshing would be a dip in Barton Springs.

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