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By Monica Brant – August 29, 2011

Fourth of July turned out to be a fun weekend full of little work and lots of play all the way through Monday. That might not have been such a big deal, except that I had KMB feature scheduled with Dane’s Body Shop Tuesday morning.

After one too many Mexican Martinis (yes, I do drink occasionally) on Monday afternoon, I ended up getting in bed pretty late and forgetting to set my alarm. Thankfully I woke up early with a splitting headache and needed water, aspirin and one of my cleanse drinks which works miracles on all kinds of issues. While up I noticed my alarm wasn’t set and went back to bed for a 90-minute snooze.

Upon waking again I lost the headache but still had a dizzy and extra slow pace. Not good for hardcore training, but being the professional, I managed to get to Dane’s only five minutes late. Serves me right to play like that!

After meeting Dane and checking out his very cool indoor/outdoor studio, we quickly got started on the intense program he devised for my workout. He had a full body workout planned that was definitely going to kick my bootie! Before we got started, I had to admit I was feeling pretty icky. He erased the last line on the workout menu and brought a couple sets off.

Surprisingly, I made it through the workout. I am sure it had a lot to do with Dane being so helpful and encouraging. Even though I was feeling weak, Dane knew exactly when to push for a little more and when to give me a couple extra seconds of rest. The workout was definitely fun and challenging, including many different styles of exercise: yoga, medicine ball, KettleBells, boxes, even some MMA-style or kickboxing drills. Dane brought all of it together and formed a workout that I desperately needed after what I did to myself the night before. I am sure I would not have put myself through something so challenging on my own, feeling the way I felt.

Dane invited me back for another workout when I am feeling more alive. Since it was so fun and invigorating, I plan on bringing a few friends to enjoy the torture session with me!

Dane is a great instructor who obviously spent many years tailoring his skill set as a trainer. I would definitely recommend him to anyone at any fitness level.

I’d like to give much appreciation to Lululemon Athletica for the cute outfit and Hair Angel for my pretty hair design!

with Dane Krager

Warm Up – (3 rounds)

6x Lunging Shoulder Dislocate

5x Push ups

10x Alternating Toe Touch

3x Vinyasa

Work Capacity:

(strength and endurance)

10 to 1 (10 reps down to 1 rep)

Squat Row

Kettle Bell Swing

Plank Thruster

Box Step Up (rotate legs)

FUSION – (3 rounds)

2x Dane Push

10x Knee Strikes (rotate legs)

8x Wall Ball

Dane Fonda:

(2 rounds – Rotate sides)

15x Side Leg Raise

15x Knee Tuck

15x Forward Circles

15x Reverse Circles


In an endless search to find the best workouts in town, Monica Brant-Peckham has agreed to be our “guinea pig” and take them on full force. Every month we’ll feature a new trainer and a different set of workouts for our readers, in the process trying to Kick Mo’s Butt!

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