FAQ April 2016


Austin Fit was all ears as we listened closely while Dr. Emmy Wu of Capital Otolaryngology informed us about the best way to take care of our sound-sensitive organs.

Healing at Home January 2016

Healing at Home

For your not-so-urgent emergencies, here’s how to tend to common wounds and injuries.

Managing Low Back Pain July 2015

Managing Low Back Pain

The Science of Sunscreen June 2015

The Science of Sunscreen

Read between the labels and find a formula that fits you best

Paw Power April 2015

Paw Power

Transformational recoveries, smiling faces, and full hearts are just a few of the things these therapy dogs bring to those they meet

What is Pain? July 2014

What is Pain?

Actively fit people maintain a higher pain tolerance.

Wrapping It Up with Tape June 2014

Wrapping It Up with Tape

Sure, it looks cool but what exactly is the purpose of applying tape? There are different types of tape and different uses for athletes.

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